Sunday, July 31, 2016

In Which I Talk About a Grey Character in My Novel (Spoilers)

My friend ShuffleCat updated with a blog post about the First Order- did you see that she uses Blogger now? I encourage you to go see her new site- it's really cool.

NOTICE: This post contains spoilers for my novel. If you are planning on reading it when I'm done and you want to be entirely surprised, do not read this post!

 To some of you other writers, have any of you guys had a character who's an absolutely grey character, who's so beautifully mysterious that you almost sob when you write about him? Because somehow I have managed to create a character with hidden depths and nervous habits and such, and I absolutely adore him. The only problem is.... I.... may uh.... have his death planned out...
Of course, I could un-plan it, but it is so dramatic. So very dramatic. I just couldn't not put it in the next book. Because yes, I'm planning the next book as I write this one.

The reason I love this character so much more now and regret planning his death, is because of this scene:

                 “Hey?” she said nervously. He ignored her. She started over. “Why are you leavin’? Ya know, we could actually use-” He cut her off.
                “No. No. The answer is no. I told you, I’m leaving.”
                Image felt anger rushing into her veins. “Why do you always insist on bein’ so difficult?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
                “Because I’m waiting for you to realize that you don’t hate me!”
                “Do ya mean me, personally, or the whole group?”
                “I don’t know!” he exclaimed, his vehemence surprising her. He lowered his voice and said it again. “I just don’t know.”
                She took a step back. “Well…” she started, not sure what to say. He turned around.
“Don’t try to make me stay, Image. It won’t work,” he said. 

*sobs* I don't know.... I just don't know....

I guess I could plan his death for book three.........

But guys, go back and read that scene. Then tell me what impression you get of the two characters.


P.S., a grey character is a character who isn't good or bad.



  1. Wow, now I REALLY want to read your novel! It looks so good. :)

    -Clara <3


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