Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dear TFA

Dear TFA,
    I love you! *squeals* It was so epic seeing you in the theater. I wore my Star Wars shirt, and my whole family was there, and I fangirled, and.... *happy sigh*
    Also, may I just say, how AMAZE was Rey's HAIR?! *squeal* If I could do that with my hair....
    And Kylo Ren was kinda funny, what with his temper tantrum. I wonder what he was like as a toddler. Poor Leia.
    Seeing Han and Chewie and the Millenium Falcon was so awesome, I think I screamed in the theater. I think the people who watched it with me go, "Hey, remember that girl in the theater? She totally screamed when she saw Han Solo. What a geek."
    And oh my goodness, I'm so excited because it's all so awesome, and also, if I could, I would have kept the ticket stubs. *frowns because I couldn't*
    And also, I hope you continue to be awesome and the next episode is cool, and everything!

What's the most random thing you've ever done in a theater?


  1. I've probably screamed in the theater when a startling part came in a movie that I went to with my family. But, I wasn't the only one - an old lady screamed too! XD

  2. I can see it now... (oh no not a fanfic)

    "Sweetie, I told you not to do that. It's very dangerous," Leia said with a frown.
    Then Kylo Renn had a tantrum so big the galaxy blew up.

    ~THE END~


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