Saturday, July 23, 2016

10 Ways I Know I'm a Nerd

  1. I love Star Wars- I fangirl whenever someone quotes it or Freemaker Adventures comes on. 
  2. I read Narnia almost once a week. Because I want  to. I am currently figuring out the best way to get to Narnia... out of all the ways people have gotten there.
  3. I write letters to the First Order.  Read one of my latest posts. I am planning a letter to TFA itself about how awesome it is. :D :D
  4. I write fanfictions about almost every book or movie I've ever known. Pretty much. Maraya Nightlfy lives in a galaxy far far away, Sunshine lives in Narnia, Katlynn lives in Neverland.
  5. I collect stuff from my various fandoms and write stories about the items. Threepio's favorite color is.... green. LOL
  6. My favorite thing to do is fangirl. Freemaker Adventures is so funny!
  7. When people ask me how I'm doing: "Oh, it seems I was made to suffer, but I'm fine."
  8. I blog. Most people, you say, 'what's your hobby' or something and they're like, 'bicycling.'
  9. *gestures wildly at NaNoWriMo shirt*
  10.  I made a list about it.


  1. Haha I can relate to most of these! I am totally a nerd!

  2. LOL! This was so funny, AA! I loved reading about why you're a nerd!;) The Freemakers is awesome!;)

  3. LOL! This applies to my daily life! :)

  4. Bahahaha! I love this. It's awesome! I am a nerd too. :) We rock.

    ginnie /

  5. Haha! Loved this! Very relatable.
    OH, OH, DO YOU HAVE A NANO SHIRT TOO?! I wear mine all the time. xD

  6. Hahahah this is amazing and I loved reading it :)

  7. Naturally, these apply to me, just with Pokémon and MLP and whatnot. XD


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