Sunday, July 31, 2016

In Which I Talk About a Grey Character in My Novel (Spoilers)

My friend ShuffleCat updated with a blog post about the First Order- did you see that she uses Blogger now? I encourage you to go see her new site- it's really cool.

NOTICE: This post contains spoilers for my novel. If you are planning on reading it when I'm done and you want to be entirely surprised, do not read this post!

 To some of you other writers, have any of you guys had a character who's an absolutely grey character, who's so beautifully mysterious that you almost sob when you write about him? Because somehow I have managed to create a character with hidden depths and nervous habits and such, and I absolutely adore him. The only problem is.... I.... may uh.... have his death planned out...
Of course, I could un-plan it, but it is so dramatic. So very dramatic. I just couldn't not put it in the next book. Because yes, I'm planning the next book as I write this one.

The reason I love this character so much more now and regret planning his death, is because of this scene:

                 “Hey?” she said nervously. He ignored her. She started over. “Why are you leavin’? Ya know, we could actually use-” He cut her off.
                “No. No. The answer is no. I told you, I’m leaving.”
                Image felt anger rushing into her veins. “Why do you always insist on bein’ so difficult?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
                “Because I’m waiting for you to realize that you don’t hate me!”
                “Do ya mean me, personally, or the whole group?”
                “I don’t know!” he exclaimed, his vehemence surprising her. He lowered his voice and said it again. “I just don’t know.”
                She took a step back. “Well…” she started, not sure what to say. He turned around.
“Don’t try to make me stay, Image. It won’t work,” he said. 

*sobs* I don't know.... I just don't know....

I guess I could plan his death for book three.........

But guys, go back and read that scene. Then tell me what impression you get of the two characters.


P.S., a grey character is a character who isn't good or bad.


Be Proud of Me

Winner 2016 - Twitter Profile


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Harry Potter!

Okay, okay, deep breathing, stop hyperventilating, calm down.

I'm fangirling. I'm so excited. I have my wand, my popcorn, my trusty laptop, and a caseful of Harry Potter stuff to get me until tomorrow.

Image result for harry potter cursed child

Stop freaking out, Daisy, nobody cares but you and Layla and ShuffleCat

My mom thinks I'm crazy, XD
I go up to her tonight: I LIVE IN THE PERFECT TIME
Her reaction is something along the lines of, 'What on earth is wrong with you?'

My family is like, 'Uh.....'

I love being a nerd!

Comment if you're buying it tomorrow!



A Letter to My Characters (Spoilers)

Dear Assorted Book Characters,
Today is one of the last days of CampNaNoWriMo, and because my story is drawing to a close, I thought I would share some things with you.
I know you all currently hate me, especially you, Lyri, because you're going to end up trying to kill your friends. And you, twins, because one of you is probably going to die.
But I'd like to point out, that without all the pain and sorrow I am putting you through right now, the message of hope at the end wouldn't mean a thing. Remember, this book may be about you guys, but it's really a story about life. Yeah, people die, go crazy, and have to sell things that are really important to them. And yeah, sometimes those things don't happen. But without books like ours, the world wouldn't think 'Oh, yeah, after pain comes hope,' or something like that. They'd just think, 'Oh. Yeah. Pain.'
So just remember, in these last few painful days, that you are doing this for the greater good.

Because, Lyri, your friends aren't gonna let you kill them.
Your world isn't gonna fall apart.
You are destined for greatness.
How do I know?
Because I am writing your destiny.
- The Authoress


P.S., Looking forward to doing business with you in book 2!

Looking for Novel Name Ideas

Howdy! (I am a cowgirl today, XD)
So my CampNaNo novel is *practically* complete, I just need to kill off a few more people and have an epic war. :D I'm serious, those are literally on my to-do list.

It needs a name. XD I never made up a name. It needs an epically cool name, though. So I need suggestions.
But you can't suggest names if you don't know what it's about....

There's this girl named Lyri, and she wakes up from a car crash in another dimension called Zyaid (rhymes with.... dye aid?) and she meets this big cat, which leads her to the dystopian slum city of Zyphrenia.
The cat leads her down an alleyway, and in that alleyway she meets a girl named Image, finds out that the cat can talk, and encounters one of the Honored. (Honored are evil soldiers)
Image is a bounty hunter who's trying to sell Lyri to the Honored, but when she realizes that Lyri really is the Chosen One of the Mysterious Prophecy, she takes Lyri to the Revolution Camp, where she meets Zeph, who technically is the (terribly disappointing and arrogant, yet awesome) Leader of the Revolution Camp.
Zeph ends up promising to take them wherever they please on his (rusty) old boat, Orion IV. No news yet on what happened to the other III. XD
Lyri's mind gets infitrated by the Villian, though, and secretly tries to murder Zeph, Mugi (the cat), Image, and the two magical Cyphrens that end up on the boat with them.

It's weird.

Title it!

I'll choose my favorite titles, then ya'll can vote on them!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fantasy vs Fiction Writing Camp

Josie added me to her writing camp! Thanks, Josie! I needed a break from noveling, XD

The Calling, Part 1

They say  that all of us are called to greatness. They say that there's something for each one of us to do. But what if we have trouble finding our calling?


I am Aundria Popov. My whole family was killed in a car crash when I was seven years old. I was the only survivor of that horrific accident. I have been in and out of foster homes for the past five years.
I am fifteen now, and my grandmother has called me to come live with her. Such an overused word, call. A call can be from a phone, from a bird... or from God. 

My mother and father told me that I had a wonderful calling, but they could have been lying. 

My grandmother picked me up yesterday, and I now know that there are creatures in the shadows. Some are trying to restore light, while others crave to enlarge the darkness. I was told that I am the deciding piece, the princess. I may choose my side, and end the war.


The thing is, this is my war, and I don't even know what side I'm on.


It feels like walls are closing in around me, like I see the choices, but cannot decide. Someone help me, please, I beg daily. Grandmother says that I will know when help comes. That is why daily I go into the hallway, and look at the pictures. I know that, somehow, the help will come from one of them.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Two Friends of Mine :)

Two friends of mine have blogs, and I thought I'd share their links. :)

My friend Lemons (Who's collaborated with me before- remember when Naomi came in the mail?) has a blog called Life and the Lemons. :) It's a Christian site where Lemons and the Internet Cat Sue talk about life (and lemons.)

My other friend, ShuffleCat, started her blog just this week- It's a Star Wars/Harry Potter/Pokemon blog, where she generally writes fanfic and fangirls over anime. :)

I hope you check out their blogs, and be sure to comment! :)


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dear TFA

Dear TFA,
    I love you! *squeals* It was so epic seeing you in the theater. I wore my Star Wars shirt, and my whole family was there, and I fangirled, and.... *happy sigh*
    Also, may I just say, how AMAZE was Rey's HAIR?! *squeal* If I could do that with my hair....
    And Kylo Ren was kinda funny, what with his temper tantrum. I wonder what he was like as a toddler. Poor Leia.
    Seeing Han and Chewie and the Millenium Falcon was so awesome, I think I screamed in the theater. I think the people who watched it with me go, "Hey, remember that girl in the theater? She totally screamed when she saw Han Solo. What a geek."
    And oh my goodness, I'm so excited because it's all so awesome, and also, if I could, I would have kept the ticket stubs. *frowns because I couldn't*
    And also, I hope you continue to be awesome and the next episode is cool, and everything!

What's the most random thing you've ever done in a theater?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

10 Ways I Know I'm a Nerd

  1. I love Star Wars- I fangirl whenever someone quotes it or Freemaker Adventures comes on. 
  2. I read Narnia almost once a week. Because I want  to. I am currently figuring out the best way to get to Narnia... out of all the ways people have gotten there.
  3. I write letters to the First Order.  Read one of my latest posts. I am planning a letter to TFA itself about how awesome it is. :D :D
  4. I write fanfictions about almost every book or movie I've ever known. Pretty much. Maraya Nightlfy lives in a galaxy far far away, Sunshine lives in Narnia, Katlynn lives in Neverland.
  5. I collect stuff from my various fandoms and write stories about the items. Threepio's favorite color is.... green. LOL
  6. My favorite thing to do is fangirl. Freemaker Adventures is so funny!
  7. When people ask me how I'm doing: "Oh, it seems I was made to suffer, but I'm fine."
  8. I blog. Most people, you say, 'what's your hobby' or something and they're like, 'bicycling.'
  9. *gestures wildly at NaNoWriMo shirt*
  10.  I made a list about it.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dear First Order

Dear First Order,
     After reading Star Wars: Bloodline and knowing who and where you came from, I'd like to tell you everything wrong with your plan.
     Firstly, I'd like to complain about the way you treated General Leia. She couldn't help her heritage and you knew that; and long had even the Empire honored her family line- both her biological family and her adopted parents. You really could've had an ally there- or you could've at least gotten rid of her in a nicer way. She was kind of wanting to disappear with Han and Luke anyways, so what you did in calling her names was childish and pointless.
     Also, after rewatching the movies, I'd like to note how slow the stormtroopers were in their bulky armor. Instead of reusing their design, you should have scrapped the whole thing and started anew. Very bad planning.
     Also, working with Force wielders? Bad move. Voldemort would have known better! That's an accident waiting to happen. We all know what happened with the Skywalkers and the Empire- you just invited another one to work with you, you numbskulls! 
     And on top of that, you pretty much made a bigger version of the Death Star. Oh, you're so creative. Here the metaphorical sarcasm sauce dripping off of my words? That's because you aren't creative. Guess what Luke Skywalker did to the last two superweapons? Guess what he's gonna do to all the new ones you guys are scheming up in those diabolical little heads of yours?
     In short, you are doomed to fail.
                                                                                       Maraya Nightfly, Pilot of Flying Ice 

Writing Q & A-- Answers

Writing Q&A poster
Remember how Loren and I had a Writing Q&A? Here are the answers!

When did you start blogging/writing?

AA: Writing... when I was 9 years old...Well, my mom says I was writing before then, so, since birth? And I started blogging a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
L: I started blogging in March 2014, but I began writing when I took an IEW class at my co-op in third of fourth grade.
Do you like to write stories, or poems better?

AA: Stories, although I don't mind writing poems.
L: Stories, definitely.
Can you change writing prompts to make them fit your story more?

AA: Totally! I'm always changing. For instance, in Loren's writing camp, I was constantly changing things to make more sense with my story.
L: Of course! Writing prompts are just meant to inspire you.
How do you get plot ideas?

AA: Hmm... I've always just ... had them. Sometimes I'll get it from something I'll hear, or a movie I'll watch, and I'll think, "They could've elaborated on that character's backstory," or, "It'd make more sense if they..." XD
L: I just sort of find them. In the shower, on the internet, in a song, in my imagination. Plot ideas are everywhere, if you look hard enough.
How do you develop your plot ideas?

AA: I let them sit for a while, then I begin writing.... I call the 'sitting' of the plots the 'schooling' of the plots.
L: Like AA, I let them sit in my mind, and I come up with different ways the story could go. Then I pick the one I like best, and just go with it.
What is your writing process?

AA: Write, write, write, break, write, eat, finish draft 1, rewrite, rewrite, break, rewrite, rewrite, begin draft 3, write, procrastinate, write.
L: I get a snack and curl up somewhere with the laptop. Then I read the last paragraph I wrote to refresh my memory and start.
How do you come up with character names?

AA: I usually use name generators, or plays on the names of people I know.... occasionally I'll pick a name I've heard and spell it backwards. :) My current character, Lyri- name generator. The antagonist, Adnerb- Brenda spelled backwards.
L: Generators like Name Generator and Fantasy Name Generators are helpful. The rest are examples from my novel, Shadow Bird: for the MC, the name Sidney came to my mind and stuck. I picked the name for her best friend, Alexis, because of it's name meaning. A girl on a message board suggested Asher. I chose the name Delilah because of the character in the Bible. I know a guy named Jax in real life. A girl in my AHG troop is named Roxanna, and I changed it to Roxann for one character. I wanted a character to have a name that started with C, so I searched it and picked Clara.
Where do you get ideas?

AA: Everywhere! Even though I am no longer on Pinterest, I still see a lot of writing prompts. I also read and watch documentaries quite a bit, so I'm always exposed to something other than my own writing...
L: Like I said a couple questions ago, everywhere. In the shower, on the internet, in a song, in my imagination.
Do you write poetry/songs in your books?

AA: I write prophecies. Does that count?
L: I write the occasional prophecy, but that's it.
How many books do you have that are unfinished?

AA: *begins counting* *cannot count*
L: HAHAHAHA. *sobs*
Do you enjoy writing fantasy or just fiction life better?

AA: Both? Does that count?
L: Fantasy. It's a nice break from ordinary life.
Why did you start your blog in the first place, and when?

AA: I started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, because my Mom said it'd give me extra credit in English. I kinda... may have... kept it up even after....
L: I started this blog in July 2015 (that's write right -- my blogiversary is coming up), because I wanted a place to post non-doll things.
Have you published a book?

AA: Not yet, but I am attempting to self-publish this month! :D
L: Sadly, no. I'm pretty sure you have to actually finish writing the book before it can be published. ;)
How often do you write?

AA: Daily? Constantly?
L: Not as much as I should. I wrote everyday during NaNoWriMo, and that was amazing, but now, I only write when I have inspiration. I'm hoping to fix that soon.
Do you come up with your title after you write the story, or before?

AA: It really depends on the story, actually. Like, my NaNo2015 project, The Yellow House? I got the title before I got the plot. My WIP, Saver still hasn't got a good title.
L: Usually, I pick a title when I just have an idea, but then change it halfway through. Shadow Bird started out as Guardian Angels.
What POV do you usually write in?

AA: I write in all POVs.... mostly third-person view though.
L: First-person is my favorite. I like getting inside the MC's head.
Have you ever written a story in the enemy's or best friend’s POV?

AA: Enemy's, yes. :) BFF's, not yet!
L: Enemy's -- sort of. Best friends -- planning on it.
Do you think you’ll do NaNoWriMo when you grow up?

AA: Uh, is Kylo Ren annoying? In other words, YES!
L: Hopefully!
What advice do you have for new NaNoers?

AA: Just keep writing, just keep writing, grow as a writer, find a NaNo Buddy.
L: Have a plan! Make a plot board before NaNo starts. Reward yourself with chocolate after every ten words.
Do you like to write in present or past tense, or both?

AA: Both. I BET NONE OF YOU KNEW THAT! Wait... you have read my blog. Oops.
L: Past tense. I've tried writing a book in present tense, but it slipped into past without me realizing.
When did you first start writing, that you can remember? Like your first story?

AA: Uh... I was 6 years old. It was about a dog named Polo... in Alaska.
L: I wrote random, one-page stories before I even knew how to spell. The first one I remember is about Amy and Jake going to Area 51. :P
What was the name of your first story?

AA: Lone Wolf: Polo 1: The Life of a Dog
L: The first story I was proud of was called . . . *dramatic music* . . . Magic in the Air.
Do you ever write stories with just animals? Like from an animal's POV?

AA: Yes, see above.
L: I don't believe so.
Do you like to write totally random things?

L: Yup. I once wrote a paragraph about how amazing meatloaf is, even though I really hate it.
AA: Do Smurfs live in mushrooms? I once wrote a story about life as my Twinkle Toes.
Do you ever draw illustrations for your writing?

L: Sometimes! I usually draw character sketches. But there's one book I'm working on called "The Nincompoop Ninjas," and I'm planning on illustrating that one.
AA: Sometimes, but I'm not very good at it, so I usually don't keep them.
Have you written fanfic? If so, what is your favorite book to fanfic about?

L: I once wrote the beginning of a Doctor Who fanfic. It was not very good.
AA: Oh, well, I like to write Warriors and Star Wars fanfictions. They don't work out the way I plan.

Readers, if you read through all that, I applaud you! The Force is with you. To read the second half, please go to Loren's blog.
Loren, I really enjoyed doing this with you! I hope we can do this again sometime. :)

Star Wars ComLinks: Favorite Trooper

I really enjoyed the last one, so I'm doing this one, although I may skip out next month, but I don't know because it's not next month yet.

I thought about this. I thought hard. Then I decided to sleep on it, and I dreamed I was Captain Phasma, but the weird thing is, I was talking to Fives from Clone Wars. Weird.

Anyways, I thought to myself, I like how intimidating those darktroopers are.
Then I was like, No, I don't.
Because I like Bomb Squad Troopers.

If you don't know what those are, I mean these guys:

Image result for bomb squad stormtrooper

Look how cool their armor is. It's orange and white, and when you look at it, you just see explosions. They are commonly called bombtroopers, and as you can guess, these guys handle explosives. Which is cool. There's a great article about them here.
I think I'd like to be a bombtrooper because of their job- they get to run in, either set a bomb or deactivate one, and run out before something explodes. I imagine it gets pretty tense before they run out- They all know that if they aren't fast enough, if their fingers aren't nimble enough, that it could very well be the last time they put on that awesome orange armor again.

By the way, have you guys ever wondered why the First Order used the same armor as the Empire? The First Order could've been a little bit more original.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Made A Meme

Procrastination Station, anyone?

I thought of this earlier- isn't it so true? I usually hit the hyperdrive and blast us outta there too.

I like the Procrastination Station.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Dare You All to Go Through This Post Without Lauging

Yay for long tites! This is part of a new 'post series' called the Procrastination Station-It'll be where random stuff I'm doing instead of what I should be doing will go.

Here, we shall begin.

Image result for star wars the force awakens meme

Image result for star wars the force awakens meme

Rey asks Anakin and Luke what she can expect in her second movie.
Anakin: I turned evil and got my hand chopped off.
Luke: I fought my dad and got my hand chopped off.
Rey: Wait, what?

Did you laugh?


Monday, July 18, 2016

The 30 Song Challenge

30 Song Challenge
Loren ordered anyone who had heard Owl City songs to participate. Thus, I have participated.
1) Your favorite song
I have to choose? Huh? Okay.... uh.... *every song I have ever loved and ever will* At the moment, Trust in You. Lauren Daigle.
2) Your least favorite song
Baby. May Justin Beiber forever regret what he did.
3) A song that makes you happy
Hello From the Dark Side by RoyishGoodLooks. Best. Parody. Ever.
4) A song that makes you sad
Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift. It's a very sad song. 
5) A song that reminds you of someone
Let It Go makes me think of a relative of mine who is a Frozen Obssessor.
6) A song that reminds you of somewhere
Wonderland, Taylor Swift. Guess where it reminds me of?
I'm kidding! Wonderland, obviously.
7) A song that reminds you of a certain event
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy reminds me of WWII for obvious reasons.
8) A song that you know all the words to
We were both young when I first saw you,
I close my eyes,
and the flashback starts...
Love Story, Taylor Swift.
9) A song that you can dance to
Well, if I had to, The Cupid Shuffle isn't bad.
10) A song that makes you fall asleep
This Little Light of Mine, Addison Road.
11) A song from your favorite band
Do I have a favorite band? No, no I don't. Should I choose? Yes, yes I should. At the moment I like MercyMe. :) So....
Dear Younger Me
12) A song from a band you hate.
Am I allowed to say...
You Don't Know You're Beautiful. One Direction..... May Darth Vader haunt your dreams.
13. A song that is a guilty pleasure.
The Saga Begins by Weird Al. I love it. So. Much. Star Warrsssss
14) A song that no one would expect you to love
Home, Gabrielle Aplin.
15) A song that describes you
Fireflies, Owl City. I have weird dreams, okay? I hate sleeping because they're so weird. Well, some of them have been enjoyable, actually.
16) A song that you used to love but now you hate
Shake It Off. I made my alarm clock pay it every morning, then I made it my ringtone. Z:<
17) A song that you hear often on the radio
Diamonds. Hawk Nelson.
18) A song that you wish you heard on the radio
The God I Know by LoveandtheOutcome.
19) A song from your favorite album
Mary's Song, Taylor Swift
20) A song that you listen to when you’re angry
Fight Song, Rachel Platten.
21) A song that you listen to when you’re happy
The Best Day, Taylor Swift.
22) A song that you listen to when you’re sad
Lemonade, Chris Rice.
23) A song that you want to play at your wedding
A Thousand Years, on the piano.
Mom. Learn to play that.
24) A song that you want to play at your funeral
Ya know,
Brother let me be your shelter/never leave you all alone
25) A song that makes you laugh
The Star Wars Imperial March
26) A song that you can play on an instrument
Christopher Columbus. I have serious Piano Skills, XD XD.
27) A song that you wish you could play
Something Star Wars.
28) A song in a foreign language that you like
Auld Lang Syne
29) A song from your childhood
If you like to talk to tomatoes;
If a squash can make you smile;
If you like to waltz with potatoes
up and down the produce aisle....
30) Your favorite song at this time last year
Mean, Taylor Swift. I loved it. Then I became tired of it.

I nominate the Veggie Tales fans of the world!