Friday, June 10, 2016

The Describe Me Challenge!


-Thank the blogger that nominated you 

-Choose one song that describes your music taste

-Choose one outfit that describes your fashion taste

-Choose on meal (including drink) that describes your taste for food

-Choose one book that describes you/changed your life

-Choose one quote that describes what you want for your life

-Nominate at least 5 people 

Let us begin.

One song that describes my music taste:

One outfit that describes my fashion taste:

Image result for skinny jeans

I have refrained from a cat t-shirt, a fedora, and shorts. :)

One meal....

via pinterest

Image result for fruit parfait

Image result for coke
but not Coke Zero... the real thing.... 

One book that describes me?

Image result for Warriors: Into the Wild

One that changed my life?

THE B-I-B-L-E! :)

One quote.. Hmm... that's a difficult one... Only one?! *gulp*



P. S., DaisyMermaid, I apologize for the delay on your button. I have a homeschool thing tomorrow, but I WILL get it done. :)


  1. Thank you so much!! I love the quote BTW.

  2. Nice!! :D DUH!WHY didn't I think of the BIBLE of COURSE!!! :O :D :/ Whoops. Great job with this!! :D :)


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