Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Bucket List

          1. Learn how to do a handstand
2. Learn how to do a dive
3. Self-publish a novel     
4. Write a new novel         
                                                5. Watch Star Wars: A New Hope exactly 20 more times
6. Buy another doll            
7. Watch the Olympics       
8. Go on more sleepovers  
9. Complete ~Lost~           
10. Go on at least 1 hike     
                     11. Do the Cupid Shuffle exactly 7 times
         12. Attempt to watch Doctor Who
                          13. Read the entire book of Revelation twice
14. Learn how to paint         
15. Go to the beach              
16. Find seashells                  
17. Sew like crayzay             
18. Craft up a storm              
19. Try chocolate toothpaste 



  1. Great list! I know how to do handstands, and one thing you should always do is squeeze your legs together when they're above you. And I'd recommend learning how to do a roll out of a handstand -- that's pretty fun.

    DOCTOR WHO DOCTOR WHO DOCTOR WHO. You will love it. ♥

    Whoa -- chocolate toothpaste is a thing? I had no idea . . .


    1. I'll definitely try that!

      I hope so... considering my pen pal is a huge fan...

      Yes, it is! I've seen it at Walmart a couple of times. It sounds.... gross.

  2. Chocolate toothpaste? Wow, I didn't even know that existed!XD That's a great bucket list! Hiking is so much fun!:D

  3. P.S. I can't paint either...XD

  4. Awesome list!! :)

    ginnie /

  5. Ooh, have fun with your list! :)

  6. Chocolate toothpaste sounds gross, but I like the idea of writing more, and going on more sleepovers! Oh, and watching star wars sounds SO fun. :) Productive summer, huh? LOL, just kidding. But I was wondering, which doll would you get?


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