Monday, June 20, 2016

Star Wars ComLinks: Weapon of Choice

This has been hosted by: Jenmarie

So, I am supposed to choose a weapon. But I chose two.

In my star Wars imaginings, I have... a lightsaber and a blaster. XD 
The saber is optional. I don't usually use it.

I'd want a blaster like Han Solo's, but I'd want it to be green (my third fave color). A red strip down the side would be lovely, too. And possibly small.

My saber'd have to have a long handle, be elegantly curved, and simple...while being rugged-looking.

The kyber color would be a greenish-blue hue, very aqua.

I'm thinking the hilt would probably be silver with a grip made of leather. The entire saber would speak tones of rugged elegance.



  1. Your lightsaber sounds super cool. :D Mine would probably be silver or orange or something.


  2. Your saber sounds awesome!:D

  3. Oooh! Great choices! I'd love to use a blaster, but I feel like I'd do better with a lightsaber cause I could just swing it around like crazy - instead of aiming with my blaster XD
    When I saw this post I was like - Awe, that's so cool that she did Jen's thing, too! XD Jen is my sister, btw ;)

  4. Nice choices and I love the idea of a stripe on the blaster!


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