Friday, June 3, 2016

Regarding Star Wars

This post was inspired by some very funny conversations on Emma's blog. :)

In the Star Wars galaxy, there are two 'factions'. These 'factions' are better known as the two sides of the Force: Light and Dark.
The Dark Side is populated by the Sith. The Sith are powerful light saber-wielders who have given into hate. They often slay people, have red sabers, and have eyes that are yellowish.

Emma has attempted to 'force' me into joining the Dark Side; I have politely declined.

I do not 'hate'. I mean, sure, I dislike certain things, but I don't 'hate'. Hate is such a very strong word.
I don't know though- Kylo Ren is pretty close to being hated.

The Light Side... Well, they have Jedi. The Jedi keep the peace. The Jedi also get to, apparently, be main characters. MCs are cool. I mean, I would never want to be that much in the spotlight.... I'm lying.
The Resistance are on the Light- love their cause. Freedom, peace, and Ewoks. They're my kind of people.
They also have cool helmets.

After a not-so-long debate with myself, I decided- I am on the Light Side. Sorry, Sith. You guys aren't getting me. I may not be a Jedi exactly- I'd end up breaking all the rules the first day- but I am on the Light. I could never see Darth Maul as being the 'good guy'. I could never see Han Solo as the 'bad guy'.

All that said, seeing as I'm not a Jedi, if a Sith Lord wanted, say, a rug, I could totally sell them one. Then later I'd sell their info to the Light. 

And I am a Force sensitive person. I may become a Jedi, some day, but today.... I'm a pilot.
I will ignore the fear, ignore the hate. 



  1. This post is awesome. :) I am definitely on the Light side too.

    ginnie /

    1. Yay! I shall not be alone in my fight for peace!

      Wait a minute- Fight for Peace?! How does that work?!

  2. LOL AA, I honestly love you and your blog so much XD. I totally get you :D. Honestly, I haven't quite decided about myself yet...I'm pretty certain that I have no desire to join the dark side, but I'm uncertain if I want to be a Jedi, or just part of the resistance. Both are pretty awesome XD.

    1. Up until yesterday, I was pretty sure I was actually a smuggler. XD

  3. I myself am a Gray Jedi. Maybe that's what you should be! Here's a link to the Gray Jedi's code:


  4. *sigh*
    Unfortunately, you have decided to join the Light Side... But now that you have told me your plans, I will most definitely NOT buy a rug from you.XD I really think that you would do best as a Gray Jedi. They are in between Jedi and Sith where they have emotions and passion without succumbing to the Dark Side. It just might be the place for you.;)

    1. I don't know! Am I on the light side, or the dark side? I think I am a Gray Jedi. :)

  5. AA, you are amazing. Thank you for being on the Light Side with me. *Force Hugs* XD


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