Sunday, June 26, 2016

Help Me, O Writers.

Other writers of NaNoLand! 

I need help.
So, I cannot find my original manuscript for Saver... and I do not want to. In fact, I believe I'd like to start over with it. 

Should I keep looking, or start over? 
I know that most people say finish what you start, but I'm not giving up exactly, am I? I'm just... starting over.

So, Wrimos of NaNoLand, please answer my desperate plea. 



  1. I'm not apart of NaNoLand, but I'd say if you feel like starting over, go for it! Right now for the story I'm making, I'm just writing the first draft to get it over with, and I've had times where I feel like restarting, but I'm not being a perfectionist so I keep going.;) If you feel like restarting, I say do it!:)

  2. I think, if you want to do something different go for it!

  3. If you feel like starting over is your best option, then go ahead. However, I suggest you keep looking for your original manuscript. I think it's important to have your first draft at hand, as you may forget something essential (like a character's age or something else like that), or you may want to use an important scene from your first draft in your second draft as well. Your first draft is valuable, even if it isn't your best.
    But if you can't find it, I totally understand! For now, I suggest you keep looking but start over at the same time (if that makes any sense). ;)
    Good luck with your novel!

  4. I agree, start over if you want to!
    P. S. I'm remaking a book I wrote when I was 8. ;)

  5. Once I wrote a 500 page book that is still sitting in my drawer. It took me five years to decide to write the first page. LOL! One day I will revisit it, but today is not that day. :) I say write it over if you like, but I would still take a look at the original to see if there is anything worth keeping.

    ginnie /


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