Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fiona Nominated Me For...

What is your GOTY's name?
Cranberry Dawnson

How old is she?
12 turning 13

What are her hobbies?
Writing and Blogging

Where does she live?
Tennessee. Near the AG store

Does she have any siblings?
An annoying little sister, Marla. Aged about 9.

A girl named Beryl, who lives across the street.

An American Shorthair named Mugi.

What school does she go to?

Outfits in collection?
Meet Outfit: A gray tunic with black skinny jeans. Black Ballet flats. 
Co-op Outfit: Black jacket, blue top, cut-offs, and sandals.
Birthday Outfit: flouncy red dress with *heels*
Nothin' much, just the Marie-Grace face mold, hair as long as Kanani's but a lighter brown, more caramel, Grace's dark lips, and Lea's eyebrows.

Edit: I nominate... all of ya'll. Case closed. (Is it just me, or does all of ya'll sound redundant?)

This makes me smile:via

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  1. Awesome! I love the name Cranberry! Who do you nominate?

    <3 Miri <3


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