Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FFWC Challenge 4

This was the only round I had to deduct points for grammar issues- and even then, they weren't worth very many points. You guys are good.

Okay, so, here we are:

I got stories from:

Points: 32


Points: 28

Because I usually forget things, if you posted your story but your name isn't up here, please notify me ASAP.



picture prompt:

This time, for extra points, please either include a baby faerie or teenage boy wearing a party hat.

Oh, and use prompts from a previous challenge. 



  1. Oooh, an extra point challenge! I want to use a baby faerie very badly. But I have a feeling a lot of other people will be using that as well. Arggg... XD
    I wonder how I'll be able to fit all of this into five minutes of writing time. I have a lot of thinking to do beforehand. XD.
    Oh, and can you tell me where in my story was the grammar mistake if I was the one who made it? So I know for next time and don't do it in the future. I understand if you're busy, so don't bother if you don't have time. :)

    1. I cannot tell you, since I am currently busy with novel-re-writing and relatives coming to visit and camp preparations and such. I do know that you were not the only one. :) Everyone made at least one mistake.

    2. That's fine! I'll run it through grammar check and try to find out. Just don't want to keep making the same mistake. XD.
      I finally finished this entry at 5:47 AM! Leaving for Texas and almost forgot about this. Glad I woke up early so I'd have time to get it done. LOL! Here it is.

  2. Here's mine :)

  3. Sorry I haven't been participating, Team kitten and AA! Anyway, here's my entry:

  4. Grr... again, do you mind deleting that comment made with my mom's account? :[]

  5. Ooh, I love this round of prompts! ☺ The stories are due tomorrow, yeah?


  6. Done, finally!


  7. GAH I'm sorry for not participating much peeps! Ima try harder for the next few challenges...
    Anyways, here's my entry. I know it's late, but you haven't posted Challenge 5 yet sooo... ;)
    (Do you mind if I post it in the comments? I'm unable to post it yet. :P)


    To cope with the long wait between ship wrecks, mermaids developed a network floating libraries.
    Ashlyn was looking through one, trying to find a good book to read for while she traveled to her relative's underwater home for the weekend.
    "Ooo, the Mystery of Captain Black Beard's Beard? That sounds interesting..." she muttered to herself. It looked promising, so Ashlyn took the book out and swam back to her floating raft. She had taken together small scraps of driftwood and other materials from old ship wrecks to construct a transportation device for herself when traveling long distances. With a small sail in the center, she climbed aboard and set off back into her journey.
    After a few hours, Ashlyn came across a small island with a small town. On the small dock was a small sign that read:
    "Pizza Hut Delivery, call this number: 222-222-PIZA"
    "Hmm. pI am getting a bit hungry sooo... why not?"
    Ashlyn reached back into her tiny raft and grabbed her cellphone. She called the number and ordered. Within twenty minutes, the pizza delivery boy came down the dock towards her.
    He looked to be about in his teens and was wearing a party hat on his head, of all things.
    "Medium Cheese with extra seaweed?" he asked.
    "Ah, yes. Thank you...?"
    "Timmy. My real name is Thomas, buy my mother insists to use Timmy until I become a 'Man'" he replied, holding up his fingers to make fake air quotes. "Thankfully, I turn 18 in two hours, so I can ne finally called by my real name for once."
    "Ah. That explains the party hat." She said as she pointed towards his head.
    He nodded.
    Ashlyn took the pizza and placed it into her raft. She grabbed some gold coins and handed them to the delivery boy.
    "So enough about my pathetic life, what about you?" he asked her. "What do you do for a living?"
    "I raid ship wrecks," she answered casually.
    Timmy shook his head and whistled.
    "It takes a very broken, twisted soul to do what you do."
    Ashlyn scoffed. "You're too kind, thanks for noticing!" She said sarcastically.
    She waved him off, "Please just go."
    The pizza boy shrugged and walked off, his coins jingling in his pocket.

    Ashlyn continued on her way to her relative's and enjoyed her book.

    And that day, the pizza delivery "boy" finally became a pizza
    delivery "man".


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