Saturday, June 25, 2016

Adventures with Threepio

"Artoo, how did I get up here? Oh my word. Is that Master Yoda? Surely he knows where the Princess is. What do you mean I am only a POP!? What is a 'POP!'? You won't tell me? You bucket of bolts."

"Master Yoda! I thought for sure you had passed on!"

"Hmmm. Die not. Live or live not; there is no die."

"I am never entirely sure what you are saying," Threepio sighed.

"Princess Leia! It is you!"

Yoda sighed. "Leia it is not. Over-excited are you."

Threepio hung his head.

"Wise Master Yoda, who is this bearded man with the ugly lizard?"

Yoda snickered. "Behind you look."

"Oh my. I am doomed!"

"Out of my way, Artoo."

"Oh my. It is another creature!" Then Threepio fell.

"It seems I was made to suffer."

"Oof." Threepio moaned. Then he noticed the life-form behind him.

"Hi! I'm A-"

Threepio flipped out. "Asajj Ventress in a wig! I am doomed! Run for my life!"

"Do not run, Man of Gold. I am Spirit Sprite, your friendly neighborhood-"
"Assassin!" Threepio yelled. "Runnnnn!"

"I mustn't die, I mustn't!"

Then Threepio saw something in the distance.

"Hey! Over here! Hey!"


"May you help me back up to that shelf? Yes? Oh, thank the Maker!"

When he was back, Threepio tapped Artoo. "Artoo, does it sound like I'm talking to myself? It does?"

"Are you laughing at me?"


Lol, this was fun to make., :P I literally just did this this morning. Love Threepio, you must.


  1. *applauds* Wow! You did such a great job with this! It totally felt like real Threepio, R2, and Yoda! Great job! :D

  2. that was so funny!:) great job!

  3. LOL! This was cute! I read all of C-3PO's lines in his voice!XD

    1. As a general rule, I try to quote Threepio once a day. In the Threepio voice.

  4. Hahaha! I loved this! Those are really things Threepio would say! I imagined them being said in his voice, and the words Yoda said in his voice, too! LOL!

  5. Omg... I pretty much died when Apple White showed up... This is hilarious!! XD

    1. LOL I just re-read it and died too. Thanks, CP. Or should I say... SHINY?


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