Monday, June 27, 2016

A Story I Started and May Not Finish Ever

                Emerald walked the palace halls. She ignored the stench of death and destruction. I did this, her conscience whispered. She shushed it. The kingdom deserved to fall.
                Emerald sill couldn’t help but wonder- if she hadn’t gotten angry, if she hadn’t used her powers… would things have been different?
                She looked down at the ground, and swept her black cloak around her. It stirred up dust. A small tear fell from her eyes and hit the ground. The sound of it splashing seemed uncannily loud in the utter silence that enveloped her. She wiped her face coldly, then swept into her old bedchamber, her cloak billowing out behind her.
                She looked around at the faded grandeur. Her emotions started to bubble up, but she steeled herself. She couldn’t get upset or… things could be worse than they were already. All I feel is cold. Cold.
                So what if her fingertips were glowing a slight orange?
                So what if she still felt feverish if she thought too hard about the past?
                I was only ten… and I caused all this? her mind whispered, frightened.
                Emerald was twenty now, and she refused herself the slightest hint of emotion. She looked at a small silver dagger on the floor. Fyn…. she thought remorsefully. Could he have lived? Could this be what the note meant? Fyn could have left this here for me to find….Then she stiffened. I cannot feel; the consequences would be too rash. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her cloak. She pulled them out again with a shriek. She stared at the sparks shooting from them. I knew this was risky… but I chose to come anyway.
                She tried to shove away all memories of Fyn, but they came rushing back. He was my best friend… my only ally…

                Now every part of her body felt warm. 

Will you ever know the end? Probably not.... BWAHAHAHAHA!




    -Clara <3

  2. WOAH! That is incredible!


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