Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Conversation with My Inner Author

I will be in bold and my Inner Author will be in Italics

Hey, IA.

Call me Isabella.

But last week, your name was IA.

Now I am Isabella!

Okay, I got it.

So, what's up?

Nothing, just wishing I was somewhere else.

Ha. Would you believe that I am actually on the Millennium Falcon right now?

Yes, actually.

I'm soooo cooler then you.

Yeah, Isabella. Now, what should I do about the state of the universe?

Blow it up.

What?! Are you crazy?!

Just channeling my evil genius.

Be serious, Is. Anywhoses, I want to write a Frozen 2 based off of a dream I had. Baby reindeers are better than people.

You can't do that. You have to finish Le Jaune Maison. That's French for The Yellow House.

I know, Is. But I really want to-

NO. What on Tatooine is wrong with you?

You mean what on Earth.

No, I don't.

Ughhhhhh. So, what do you have against princesses?


This is getting me-- I mean us-- nowhere.

Exactly. Hahahaha!

Hate you I do.

Thanks. No go write Saver.

I hate you.



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