Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Molly walked into the living room, laptop in hand.

When she pulled up Doll Diaries though, she realized something had happened.

"No!" Molly sobbed.

Sophia ran in.

She took one look at the tear on Molly's face.

"Who died?" Sophia said, running quickly.

She looked down at Molly's laptop.

"No! It can't be over!"

"Guys, what is-"


Isabelle sank to the floor.

"Oh honestly girls, it can't be that bad," Harriett began.

"Oh. It could be that bad."

"Lucy, look...." Molly said to her black-haired sister.

"That's- that's horrible!"

Naomi came and looked.

"No..." she said, covering her mouth.

"Huh?" Jenna-Grace said suspiciously.

"Oh," she sobbed, seeing the screen.

"That's just... just sad!"

"It's a late April Fool's prank!" Naomi said. 

"At least, that's what I'd like to think."

Jenna-Grace pointed. "Guys, the site itself isn't going anywhere. The camp stuff will all still be there. Man, Mama could run a week of camp for us on the blog. It'll be fine. And they'll still accept guest posts. It's not like they're deleting it or anything."

Yes, Doll Diaries is shutting down. It's like a friend is moving away.


  1. :( no camp doll diaries this year. My dolls were really looking forward to it!


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