Thursday, May 19, 2016

~Lost~ Episode 6

With Special Guest Star Naomi C!

(Told in Victorius's POV)

I look around this desolate garden. What once flourished is now fading.

The plants die. I cannot bear to look. 

I know that this is what the city is doing- dying. I hear murmurs of people who seek to overthrow me. It is hopeless for them. I will remain the queen.

I hear my BlackCoat. 
"Your Majesty, there's been a disturbance outside the gate."
I whirl around. "I told you not to come for me!" I snarl. No one may know my secrets.
"Your Highness, this is very important." the BlackCoat says. I shake my head.

I gather up my skirts to go. I cast one last glance around the garden.
"Wait- you said outside the gate?" I ask.

"No.... not the prophecy..."


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