Sunday, May 29, 2016

CWWC: Jars of Sand

Hi! I bet you all thought I had forgotten. Well, surprise! I had forgotten! I just remembered it now...
I used 11 prompts.

Jars of Sand

   There once was a girl. Yes, a girl. She was young, carefree. 
   She had a strange collection. She collected jars of sand. At least, to anyone else, they'd look like jars of sand.
   These were actually pieces of worlds.
   Yes, this girl had a knack for finding pieces of other worlds. She would always put them in a mason jar and put them on a shelf.
   "Someday, I'll actually find another world," she said.

   One day, she truly did find another world. But this world... it was no safer for dreams then this world. Dreams, you see, are fragile. They can easily be broken. Sadly, not so easily mended.
   "You must jump through this mirror. The Ferryman may decided where to exile you," the dragon queen snarled.
    The girl hung her head. Her dream had been broken- As had her heart.
    The girl was just jumping in when two other girls came in. They jumped in with her. They fell, spiraling, three girls...
   They landed. Our girl, our dreamer, she landed a little ways away from the others. The ground was hard, the glass cold. For here... there were a thousand broken mirrors.
  She looked up. The Ferryman gazed at her, his eyes cold. "You," he then said carefully, "Are a dreamer."
  Dreamer, as I shall call her, nodded. He looked at the other two girls. "Doer," he said, pointing at one, "And Payer."
  Doer and Payer came walking over. "Exile us together," Payer said.
  The Ferryman nodded. "I shall be kind to the faerie children," he said. He then pointed at a mirror.

   They landed on a rooftop. Dreamer inhaled. The air seemed fresher, the moon and stars were brighter... she was free. She looked at Doer and Payer. 
  Dreamer imagined jumping, the enjoyment of it. Doer smiled... then jumped. She landed in the stars. Payer gazed at Doer, then dropped a bracelet she was wearing. She also jumped. Dreamer jumped as well.
  They were among the stars, dancing, playing. No- They were the stars. They laughed, they danced, they waded. They held huge lights in their hands, they ran. They could never have imagined such exhilaration. 
  They were in another world, practically in one of Dreamer's jars. They were safe, for now.
   Sadly, the dragon queen had found what the Ferryman had done. The dragon queen was huge, powerful, and relentless. She hated dreams. She hated humans. Dreamer was what she hated most of all.
  She couldn't find them though. Her Icemen combed the forests of other worlds, but they were not found, The dragon queen never thought to look up. She would never find them. How could she?
  Someday, though, someone will find them. Dreamer, Doer, and Payer shall have to fight. But for now, let us leave them there. Happy, carefree.

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