Saturday, May 14, 2016


The noble Narnians are clever with their keyboards, plotting to write stories that outdo the cruel.. (who are we up against, secretary?) Ah yes. Half-keep-gons. No? Oh whatever. I used all  the prompts from all the challenges so far. Loren let me post this a day late since I was sick this week. -_-


   The girl lay against the cold pavement. She had fainted just moments before. She opened her eyes. She thought she was surrounded by glass, at first. When she was entirely awake, she realized.. these were knives.
   She gasped. She sat up quickly but carefully. All her training had led her to this moment. She looked around. The silver knives reminded her of Fafnyr's talons. She longed for the days when she could read to him again.
   It was Fafnyr who had first taught her the realm of mirrors. It was Fafnyr who trained her to negotiate with Ferrymen. It was Fafnyr....whom she'd betrayed.
  She had been sitting in the room of Negotiations, which was furnished much like a classroom. She had seen a box.She... she opened it. All of Fafnyr's memories... were inside it. They made a whirlwind around her. He had left her a message, saying that he knew she'd find these memories. He said he'd known she'd never tell a soul.
  Either he was wrong or she had changed.
  The Ferrymen had interrogated her, and she had spilled his secrets. Fafnyr had been killed the next day. They say his last word was 'fawn'. His last word was her name.
   Fawn grabbed a knife. It was pure faerie. It was practically a sign saying 'here be faeries'. Fawn stood. The knife was cold to touch. She frowned. That was an omen. She was accepted.
  The faeries only accept a few people a year. They will take the people with the most turmoil, the most trouble.
 Fawn obviously fit that criteria.
  When she was a child, she had been abandoned by her parents. Left alone. She needed a hero. When Fafnyr offered her a place at his school... she knew she'd become a hero there.
  The faeries surrounded her, a bright blue hue reflecting off the pavement.
   "We accept you," one piped.
   "Call the name of the one thou hast betrayed," said a much older one.
   She screamed his name into the night, into the silence, as if he could hear, could sense the pain deep inside.

Three years later
   Once a traitor, twice a traitor.
   Fawn had betrayed the faeries.
   She had run off into the night, dashing, dashing, her lantern in hand. The cold bit her skin, causing her to wince. She couldn't take it. The fear was too much.
   She had then concocted creatures made of iron- the only thing faeries are allergic to.
   Fawn called them 'Lovelies', as if she could be proud of them. If Fafnyr had known....
   She became despised among the faeries. She had hunted them so relentlessly. The faerie children were told to beware. 
   "She is beautiful, she is frighting, she is cunning. Worst of all... she is hunting us."

  Fawn knew how she had sinned. 
  She repented, but the faeries never knew.
  They just knew that the Lovelies disappeared one by one.



  1. CutePolarBear5/14/16, 11:08 AM

    Ooh, that was really good! :) So did you use all of the prompts?


  2. Oh, this was so good! I love how she betrayed them all.:) I mean, like, I don't LOVE that because it's bad, but, as a writer, I appreciate that angle of the story about how she stayed the same get the point.XD


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