Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CWWC: Friendship

  K, so, I used 8 prompts. :) This is the first installment of two stories. This is for challenge 7 late.


   Not all haunted places are houses; not all houses are haunted. Yet all places can be a hauntingly beautiful home, as I was once taught by a friend.
    I had a friend who was... different. His family were Quaker, so he said 'thee' and 'thou' to me. I was told that that meant I was accepted into the family. I suppose I was.
  The year was 1944. My father was fighting in the war. My mother had to work. My friend's parents, being Quaker, didn't believe in fighting. They were what my teacher called 'neutral'.
  Because I was home alone so often, they allowed me to stay with them. I practically lived over there. It was amazing.
  One day, on my way over there, I stumbled. When I stood up, I saw a sign on a tree. 'Here be friends' was what it read. I was mystified. What could it mean?
  The next day, the sign said 'the world's not safe anymore'.
   I ran to my friend. I led him to the place where the sign was. This time it said, 'Trust in the one you know- I Am'. My friend nodded.
   "The Lord calls out to thee," he said in awe. "But thine family is not Christian."
    I could only stare. My friend's God called to me? Impossible. What did I have to offer?
    My friend touched me. "The Lord calls all to be lights into the darkness."
    Lights into darkness. Friends. Knowing. Something seemed to click. "There aren't any other Quakers here- why did your family move here?"
   My friend simply looked down. "My family felt that we could start a church here," he whispered.
   My hands shook. "We.. we could start a church."
   My friend stared. Then he ran. I followed him. It was suddenly dark. I ran down the train tracks after him.  "Come back..." I called. I screamed his name into the darkness. What had gone wrong? I'd thought he really cared, really listened. I'd thought we'd had a friendship.
  I thought we were friends.



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