Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CWWC- A Fear

I used 6 prompts, everyone. Yay! I have linked back to the prompts. :)

A Fear

   There is a metaphorical border in this country. One I may not pass. Anyone who does... well, they disappear. Gone.
   Certain people... based off of their looks, their beliefs, and their heritage... the deviate from our society's 'norm'. They have 'crossed the border'. They are put to death.
   I found out today that my siblings and I have 'crossed the border'. How?
   We refused to sign a paper. We refused it- how could we renounce our family? War is terrible thing, that brings out the worst in people. The worst in this land is to renounce your faerie family.
    I am the oldest- My name is Adrie. My sisters, Gertrude and Elsa, are much younger. Our parents were put to death for having faerie blood. For three years, we have been forced to publicly renounce our heritage. Many people have just decided that we are 'unclean'.
  Just this morning, an assassin, robed in black, tried to kill us. We miraculously escaped, unharmed.
  I have run with my sisters until we may run no longer. We fear that the people's hatred... fear... of faeries may kill us. It is an ugly fear
  We must be a solitary light. I hold it, though my arm grows weak.
  Remember, my friends- you know what I am. you know what we are. After every storm. there is a period of revival. We must end this war, my faerie kin. These dwarves understand us not. Do not forget your kin for a moment! We are all in this together. Freedom shall come.
 A fear drove the dwarves to persecute us. I fear that fear will keep us from fighting back. A fear... a single, lonely thing... causes devastation if not dealt with. Be careful. Keep watch. Remember your kin.

This was published in a small faerie newspaper. The dwarves ordered it to be burned, but somehow, it lit a spark that could not be extinguished. A spark of rebellion.


Ok. I need to calm down.

I have a doll post in the works. :)


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