Tuesday, May 31, 2016

CWWC: Burning Bright

Hi. Yes, Keepers, Half-Bloods, and Dragons, I shall announce my plan to you now. The plan I have been plotting for a few days now. Ah, yes,you're all going to hate me.
Luckily for you, I am usingmost of the prompts, and some from 2015's CWWC as well. I'm your best friend. :)
K, Narnians. Operation Alderaan is in motion.
Prompts from 2016 used: 24
Prompts from 2015 used: 2

Burning Bright

   They say that when someone goes missing, a star disappears in the sky. At least, that's what they said in my town.
   Well, I went missing. But my guardian star remained. Sometimes, I wonder if some sort of faerie girl was always holding my star, like a lantern.
  Who am I?
   I am Harley Doubles. And no, it's not pronounced 'duh-bulls'- it's pronounced 'dew-blays'.
  I was an ordinary child. Plain, nerdy... a bit of a daydreamer. I liked fedoras, skinny jeans, and big sunglasses.
  Well, one day, I discovered that I was being 'hunted' by the 'Hatted Ones'- AKA garden gnomes. Yeah, fun. And no, they aren't cute when they're after you. They are cunning, brutal and relentless. They love the children of faeries. The children of faeries are known for being born in the months between February and September. They are known for the markings on their cheeks. Stranger still, they are known for their fedoras.
   Faerie children adore fedoras. That is why the gnomes are after them. Ever since the fedora first debuted, gnomes have been mad. All the gnomes are allowed to wear are pointy caps. Poor guys, I guess. But really, even I don't love fedoras that much.
   I had two step-sisters. They were much younger then I. Mother has a picture of us playing beggar. We looked so funny. I miss them now.
   I haven't seen them in a while. I will probably be on the run forever now. If I'm honest, the world doesn't feel safe anymore.
  Well, last week, I went to this other world. The good thing about faeries- we're good at talking to Ferrymen. They're the ones who open the mirrors. The mirrors are portals.
  When I got there, I was standing in an ocean. I twirled a little. It was so pretty. The air was fresh, clean. I felt free.
   That is, until the ice monsters came.
   Let me back up a bit. The ice monsters... well, they're the gnomes' henchmen, kinda. If henchmen were made of ice and stone.
   Anyways, they sprung up from the ground. They chased me, and one actually grabbed me. I was scared. It was awful. They chased me to the border. The border is the edge of the glass. Nobody's ever passed the border and lived to tell the tale. No one knows what's back there.
   I didn't have time to think, I jumped across the border and time slowed.
   I saw what looked like jars. They were full of colorful blobs. It didn't take me long to realize what these were- These were the spells of wicked faeries. Someone was trying to 'restore' them- that's why the colors were bright. I could tell that whoever it was was doing well.
  That was when I saw her. A girl with long dark hair, lying on the ground. She was sobbing. A thousand pieces of glass surrounded her.
   "Who are you?" I ask.
   "You know who I am."
   I shook my head. I was bewildered. Then the girl told me her story.
"I was an Assassin of Candles. It was my duty to blow out the candles in homes at night. I know, horrible job. But I was payed well, so I didn't ask why.
   One day, I got to talk to my boss. She was a dragon. No, I'm being serious. A literal dragon. I was told to read my logbook of how many candles I'd blown out to her. It was frightening.
  Afterwards, I was handed a box. Bad Memories. Do not open please! it read.
   I payed no heed and opened it. Now you can see," the girl said. I was snapped to reality. I was in a classroom. There were a couple hundred chairs around me. I was trapped. Then I remembered a book... I had read it once to my sister. It was about a princess. She was in a tower, and she needed a hero. She became her own hero.

  I called my step-dad's name into the silence. I thought maybe he'd hear, if he'd listen.
I felt a strange sensation. I looked at the window. I did probably the dumbest thing ever- I jumped from a third-story window. Luckily, my faerie kin surrounded me.
  "Here be faeries," my kin said.
   For a moment, I felt accepted.
  "Tell us how you got here," one said.
    I told him, but I can tell he wasn't listening, because he said 'indeed', like, five whole times.
   I sighed. When we got to the ground, the faerie turned into a human boy. I saw years of pain. I realized something. "You- we're just kids. We shouldn't have to be heroes."
  The boy hugged me, and I realized- there is good in  the world. It's like a fire, burning bright.
   "I can't help you," I begin, "but we can help each other."


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