Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CWWC 3- Leave Me

Loren, I used all three from this challenge, one from the first challenge. 

Leave Me

  They say that hurt eventually heals; I used to think that wasn't true. Now, however, I know the truth. It does. Eventually.
  When I was a young child I used to call the woods the 'home of faeries'.
   I had called it that for years. My mother knew not why. I knew not why. We simply accepted it.
  When I turned 13, I walked there for what I thought would be the lest time. I was 'too old for make-believe'. How stupid I was.
  I walked along. I stopped. A thousand blue butterflies were suddenly circling me. It didn't take me long to realize- these were not butterflies; they were faeries.
 One of them landed on my nose. It jumped down onto the ground in front of me, and turned into a human boy. That is, a human boy... with wings.
 "Tildis, you are a Called One. You must come with us, become one of us," he said as the other fairies circled me. I nodded- Had I not been waiting for this my whole life? He led me deeper into the forest.But not in the way you'd think- I was sinking into the forest floor. With every step I took, I sank farther from our world. I panicked and jumped out. The boy looked at me.
  "You have rejected us," he whispered. I shook my head. He nodded. "Yes. We shouldn't have waited this long.... You have grown attached to this world. I'm sorry, Tildis. But the pain will go away, as you grow up. I see in your heart- this is the last time you will be with us."
   I choked back tears. He held up a mirror. "Jump," he said.
   I jumped, not thinking. I came out back in my bedroom. I screamed. There were shards of glass all over the floor. I had broken a faerie mirror. I heard a voice whisper- "My name is Peder..."
   I screamed his name into the night, like he would actually care, like he'd listen. He said no more. I banged my fist on the mirror frame. "Come back! Come back!"
  He said calmly- "I shall, Tildis. When all is forgiven."
   I said to the hurt, "Leave me! Leave me!"


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