Monday, May 2, 2016

CWWC 2016: I Read to the Dragon

Go Narnians! 

Loren, I used all three prompts. Yes, I'm crazy.

I Read to the Dragon

They say that mirrors are portals. They say they're portals to other worlds, and that the portals are guarded by the 'Ferrymen'.
That is a lie.
I lived in one of those other worlds once; I was a mere child at the time. 
My world was at war with this world, and this world was winning. I was scared; I had heard the adult talk about how if this world won, our world would fall. I loved this world, this world loved me. I couldn't bear the thought of the end, though I knew it was coming.
One day, I took a walk. I had a feeling that it would be the last time I walked there. As I walked, I became aware of the sound of whimpering.
 "Hello?" I called.
All I heard in reply was more whimpering. 
I ran to where the sound was coming from, and pushed leaves out of my way.
There, standing, looking at me, was a dragon.
"Don't cry. I feel it too," I said, for I knew what it was feeling- Our world was falling apart. The dragon looked at me.
"Read to me," it said simply.
I picked up a book lying nearby and sat down to read.
It turned out to be a volume of the history of our world, with everything about it written down inside it.I found myself laughing, crying, and feeling with this dragon.
When we reached the end, I stood up to leave. That was when I heard the sirens. The dragon looked at me with large blue eyes. 
"Jump," it said, pointing to a mirror inside its cave.
I nodded. Still holding the book, I ran. I felt a flicker of fear when I saw that the glass was cracking. Could the portal be breaking?
I jumped, just as the glass shattered. I looked up; I was in this world, cold, bleeding. They had destroyed my world. I began to cry, my body shaking with sobs.I looked at the book in my hands; I was glad I had read to the dragon.

So sad! So... sequel-worthy!

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  1. So-- sad--I--can't--stop--crying! FOR NARNIA!!! (I say that so much ;)) Seriously though, go Team Narnia! *high fives you and wishes I could ride on Aslan*


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