Monday, May 9, 2016

CWBC Challenge 1

I'm in Anika's CWBC! I'm on team Winter. I used all three prompts, Anika.


  Giants exist. They're afraid of us humans, like we're scared of spiders. Well, not all of them. He never was...
  I was part of a program involving giant-fighting. Not that we ever did much fighting. Our village was  riddled with giants. They hated us. 
   "Filthy little ants," one said to another. Yet when we touched them, they disappeared.
  I tell you, it was not the best job in the world.
   I hadn't wanted to sign up; my sister made me.
     "Oliver," she said, "Your choice. Spend the rest of your worthless life being nobody... or you can become someone who matters."
       I chose to attempt to prove myself to her. As the younger sibling, I was always trying.
      That's why today I was running.
       There was one giant who didn't disappear. He seemed to like us, to find us interesting. He had once picked up a cart full of people and grinned at them. Not your typical giant.
      Well, today he chased me. I ran, hoping that he'd give up. He took quick, light steps, dashing after me. Over the hills, around houses... I ran. Suddenly, he picked me up. He picked me up. He stood up and walked home. His home was far from the village, but he took five long strides and we were there.
  I looked around. Trees, hills grass... and something very large.
    A giant castle.



  1. Good! You got 6 points for this one! You can also use prompts from previous challenges (there are no previous challenges yet though) to get extra points! :) I give you three points if you turn in a story, and one point for each prompt you use. :)

  2. Ooh! This was really intriguing!:) Great job!:)


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