Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This is Mockingjay Meridian. I edited this photo so that it looks like she is 'using magic'. XD. Like Frozen...

Megan, I forgot until a few minutes ago. I ran outside. I tried to take pictures of the birds, but they were too far away. (and I am not feeling well, so I wasn't inclined to climb anything...) Then I remembered the bird's nest around here... but by then it was getting late. The birds were asleep. And it was bad lighting.
Then I grabbed the first doll I saw.
I set her down in the pose she was in...

SNAP went the camera shutter.

I also have no editing software at the moment, other than Microsoft Paint. :S
So I used Microsoft Paint. I did something simple. I tried. I'm sorry, team Kestrel. I tried, oh I did.


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  1. Hey AA! You could use PicMonkey if you'd like. :) You still have a few days left. ;) But this photo is totally fine if you want to keep it! :D


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