Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10000+ Pageviews!

Oh my goodness.

I logged onto Blogger this morning with no clue that I would see...
10005 pageviews.
I know a lot of bloggers have already passed this milestone in a lesser amount of time than it took me, but at this point, I'm just happy. Thank you, everyone. Thank you to my 9 amazing followers, my other people who follow via email..... 
Thanks so much! 
I know that there are probably a million other bloggers, writers, photographers and doll collectors out there that are a million times better than me. That's why it amazes me so much that people have viewed my blog over 10000 times. Thank you's go especially to my family and friends, American Girl, my photography teacher, and to the bloggers who first inspired me- 
as well as to the bloggers who have inspired me since I began-

I know that there are probably a bunch of people I'm skipping over, but I'll probably do this again for my 2 year blogiversary. (Now that deserves its own row of exclamation points)

Thanks again. :)


Edit: I mistakenly typed 1000 instead of 10000. Oops.


  1. Oh wow! 1000 page-views!? Good job! :D

  2. Congratulations!:D That's a huge achievement!:) You're a great blogger!:)


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