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CWWC: Burning Bright

Hi. Yes, Keepers, Half-Bloods, and Dragons, I shall announce my plan to you now. The plan I have been plotting for a few days now. Ah, yes,you're all going to hate me.
Luckily for you, I am usingmost of the prompts, and some from 2015's CWWC as well. I'm your best friend. :)
K, Narnians. Operation Alderaan is in motion.
Prompts from 2016 used: 24
Prompts from 2015 used: 2

Burning Bright

   They say that when someone goes missing, a star disappears in the sky. At least, that's what they said in my town.
   Well, I went missing. But my guardian star remained. Sometimes, I wonder if some sort of faerie girl was always holding my star, like a lantern.
  Who am I?
   I am Harley Doubles. And no, it's not pronounced 'duh-bulls'- it's pronounced 'dew-blays'.
  I was an ordinary child. Plain, nerdy... a bit of a daydreamer. I liked fedoras, skinny jeans, and big sunglasses.
  Well, one day, I discovered that I was being 'hunted' by the 'Hatted Ones'- AKA garden gnomes. Yeah, fun. And no, they aren't cute when they're after you. They are cunning, brutal and relentless. They love the children of faeries. The children of faeries are known for being born in the months between February and September. They are known for the markings on their cheeks. Stranger still, they are known for their fedoras.
   Faerie children adore fedoras. That is why the gnomes are after them. Ever since the fedora first debuted, gnomes have been mad. All the gnomes are allowed to wear are pointy caps. Poor guys, I guess. But really, even I don't love fedoras that much.
   I had two step-sisters. They were much younger then I. Mother has a picture of us playing beggar. We looked so funny. I miss them now.
   I haven't seen them in a while. I will probably be on the run forever now. If I'm honest, the world doesn't feel safe anymore.
  Well, last week, I went to this other world. The good thing about faeries- we're good at talking to Ferrymen. They're the ones who open the mirrors. The mirrors are portals.
  When I got there, I was standing in an ocean. I twirled a little. It was so pretty. The air was fresh, clean. I felt free.
   That is, until the ice monsters came.
   Let me back up a bit. The ice monsters... well, they're the gnomes' henchmen, kinda. If henchmen were made of ice and stone.
   Anyways, they sprung up from the ground. They chased me, and one actually grabbed me. I was scared. It was awful. They chased me to the border. The border is the edge of the glass. Nobody's ever passed the border and lived to tell the tale. No one knows what's back there.
   I didn't have time to think, I jumped across the border and time slowed.
   I saw what looked like jars. They were full of colorful blobs. It didn't take me long to realize what these were- These were the spells of wicked faeries. Someone was trying to 'restore' them- that's why the colors were bright. I could tell that whoever it was was doing well.
  That was when I saw her. A girl with long dark hair, lying on the ground. She was sobbing. A thousand pieces of glass surrounded her.
   "Who are you?" I ask.
   "You know who I am."
   I shook my head. I was bewildered. Then the girl told me her story.
"I was an Assassin of Candles. It was my duty to blow out the candles in homes at night. I know, horrible job. But I was payed well, so I didn't ask why.
   One day, I got to talk to my boss. She was a dragon. No, I'm being serious. A literal dragon. I was told to read my logbook of how many candles I'd blown out to her. It was frightening.
  Afterwards, I was handed a box. Bad Memories. Do not open please! it read.
   I payed no heed and opened it. Now you can see," the girl said. I was snapped to reality. I was in a classroom. There were a couple hundred chairs around me. I was trapped. Then I remembered a book... I had read it once to my sister. It was about a princess. She was in a tower, and she needed a hero. She became her own hero.

  I called my step-dad's name into the silence. I thought maybe he'd hear, if he'd listen.
I felt a strange sensation. I looked at the window. I did probably the dumbest thing ever- I jumped from a third-story window. Luckily, my faerie kin surrounded me.
  "Here be faeries," my kin said.
   For a moment, I felt accepted.
  "Tell us how you got here," one said.
    I told him, but I can tell he wasn't listening, because he said 'indeed', like, five whole times.
   I sighed. When we got to the ground, the faerie turned into a human boy. I saw years of pain. I realized something. "You- we're just kids. We shouldn't have to be heroes."
  The boy hugged me, and I realized- there is good in  the world. It's like a fire, burning bright.
   "I can't help you," I begin, "but we can help each other."


The Music Award!

Thanks for nominating me, DaisyMermaid!


-Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping)
-Write your favorite lyrics from each song
-Tag some people

My songs:
Home- Gabrielle Aplin
So I'm wishing, wishing further, for the excitement to arrive. It's just I'd rather be causing the chaos then laying at the sharp end of this knife.
All You Had to Do Was Stay- Taylor Swift
I've been pickin' up the pieces of  the mess you've made
Fight Song- Rachel Platten
Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion. Like how a single word can make a heart open. I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.
Loyal- Lauren Daigle
I could never earn your heart, I could never reach that far. But you have pulled me close and never let me go.
Once and for All- Lauren Daigle
I say I believe... oh help me to lay it down, oh Lord I lay it down.
Never Grow Up- Talor Swift
Your little eyelids flutter 'cuz you're dreamin, so I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light.
My Revival- Lauren Daigle
I will walk, I will not faint. I will soar on wings like eagle's. I will rest in your everlasting name.
You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers!
Love Story- Taylor Swift
See the lights, see the party the ballgowns, see you make your way through the crowd and say hello...
Hello (From the Dark Side)- Royish Good Looks
Hello from the dark side! Do or do not there is no try! It's just not real easy to keep building death stars, but it don't matter, it clearly doesn't stop the Empire anymore.



Molly walked into the living room, laptop in hand.

When she pulled up Doll Diaries though, she realized something had happened.

"No!" Molly sobbed.

Sophia ran in.

She took one look at the tear on Molly's face.

"Who died?" Sophia said, running quickly.

She looked down at Molly's laptop.

"No! It can't be over!"

"Guys, what is-"


Isabelle sank to the floor.

"Oh honestly girls, it can't be that bad," Harriett began.

"Oh. It could be that bad."

"Lucy, look...." Molly said to her black-haired sister.

"That's- that's horrible!"

Naomi came and looked.

"No..." she said, covering her mouth.

"Huh?" Jenna-Grace said suspiciously.

"Oh," she sobbed, seeing the screen.

"That's just... just sad!"

"It's a late April Fool's prank!" Naomi said. 

"At least, that's what I'd like to think."

Jenna-Grace pointed. "Guys, the site itself isn't going anywhere. The camp stuff will all still be there. Man, Mama could run a week of camp for us on the blog. It'll be fine. And they'll still accept guest posts. It's not like they're deleting it or anything."

Yes, Doll Diaries is shutting down. It's like a friend is moving away.

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Gif of the..... Month?

LOL..... I kept forgetting...


CWWC: Jars of Sand

Hi! I bet you all thought I had forgotten. Well, surprise! I had forgotten! I just remembered it now...
I used 11 prompts.

Jars of Sand

   There once was a girl. Yes, a girl. She was young, carefree. 
   She had a strange collection. She collected jars of sand. At least, to anyone else, they'd look like jars of sand.
   These were actually pieces of worlds.
   Yes, this girl had a knack for finding pieces of other worlds. She would always put them in a mason jar and put them on a shelf.
   "Someday, I'll actually find another world," she said.

   One day, she truly did find another world. But this world... it was no safer for dreams then this world. Dreams, you see, are fragile. They can easily be broken. Sadly, not so easily mended.
   "You must jump through this mirror. The Ferryman may decided where to exile you," the dragon queen snarled.
    The girl hung her head. Her dream had been broken- As had her heart.
    The girl was just jumping in when two other girls came in. They jumped in with her. They fell, spiraling, three girls...
   They landed. Our girl, our dreamer, she landed a little ways away from the others. The ground was hard, the glass cold. For here... there were a thousand broken mirrors.
  She looked up. The Ferryman gazed at her, his eyes cold. "You," he then said carefully, "Are a dreamer."
  Dreamer, as I shall call her, nodded. He looked at the other two girls. "Doer," he said, pointing at one, "And Payer."
  Doer and Payer came walking over. "Exile us together," Payer said.
  The Ferryman nodded. "I shall be kind to the faerie children," he said. He then pointed at a mirror.

   They landed on a rooftop. Dreamer inhaled. The air seemed fresher, the moon and stars were brighter... she was free. She looked at Doer and Payer. 
  Dreamer imagined jumping, the enjoyment of it. Doer smiled... then jumped. She landed in the stars. Payer gazed at Doer, then dropped a bracelet she was wearing. She also jumped. Dreamer jumped as well.
  They were among the stars, dancing, playing. No- They were the stars. They laughed, they danced, they waded. They held huge lights in their hands, they ran. They could never have imagined such exhilaration. 
  They were in another world, practically in one of Dreamer's jars. They were safe, for now.
   Sadly, the dragon queen had found what the Ferryman had done. The dragon queen was huge, powerful, and relentless. She hated dreams. She hated humans. Dreamer was what she hated most of all.
  She couldn't find them though. Her Icemen combed the forests of other worlds, but they were not found, The dragon queen never thought to look up. She would never find them. How could she?
  Someday, though, someone will find them. Dreamer, Doer, and Payer shall have to fight. But for now, let us leave them there. Happy, carefree.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CWWC: Friendship

  K, so, I used 8 prompts. :) This is the first installment of two stories. This is for challenge 7 late.


   Not all haunted places are houses; not all houses are haunted. Yet all places can be a hauntingly beautiful home, as I was once taught by a friend.
    I had a friend who was... different. His family were Quaker, so he said 'thee' and 'thou' to me. I was told that that meant I was accepted into the family. I suppose I was.
  The year was 1944. My father was fighting in the war. My mother had to work. My friend's parents, being Quaker, didn't believe in fighting. They were what my teacher called 'neutral'.
  Because I was home alone so often, they allowed me to stay with them. I practically lived over there. It was amazing.
  One day, on my way over there, I stumbled. When I stood up, I saw a sign on a tree. 'Here be friends' was what it read. I was mystified. What could it mean?
  The next day, the sign said 'the world's not safe anymore'.
   I ran to my friend. I led him to the place where the sign was. This time it said, 'Trust in the one you know- I Am'. My friend nodded.
   "The Lord calls out to thee," he said in awe. "But thine family is not Christian."
    I could only stare. My friend's God called to me? Impossible. What did I have to offer?
    My friend touched me. "The Lord calls all to be lights into the darkness."
    Lights into darkness. Friends. Knowing. Something seemed to click. "There aren't any other Quakers here- why did your family move here?"
   My friend simply looked down. "My family felt that we could start a church here," he whispered.
   My hands shook. "We.. we could start a church."
   My friend stared. Then he ran. I followed him. It was suddenly dark. I ran down the train tracks after him.  "Come back..." I called. I screamed his name into the darkness. What had gone wrong? I'd thought he really cared, really listened. I'd thought we'd had a friendship.
  I thought we were friends.


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This was literally one of those run around screaming moments.

My followers are as follows:
Hadley Kennedy
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Taylor Byrid! Thanks for being my tenth follower!

I can't follow you guys back, but thanks! It means so much to me. 

I know you're all wondering how the dolls reacted to this.



Thank you guys, once again. This is just amazing.

Now, to go clean up the kitchen...


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Fiona's Button

I offered to make Fiona a blog button. It took longer than I expected, but here you go:
Changes are available. 

I hope you enjoy!


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~Lost~ Episode 6

With Special Guest Star Naomi C!

(Told in Victorius's POV)

I look around this desolate garden. What once flourished is now fading.

The plants die. I cannot bear to look. 

I know that this is what the city is doing- dying. I hear murmurs of people who seek to overthrow me. It is hopeless for them. I will remain the queen.

I hear my BlackCoat. 
"Your Majesty, there's been a disturbance outside the gate."
I whirl around. "I told you not to come for me!" I snarl. No one may know my secrets.
"Your Highness, this is very important." the BlackCoat says. I shake my head.

I gather up my skirts to go. I cast one last glance around the garden.
"Wait- you said outside the gate?" I ask.

"No.... not the prophecy..."


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CWWC- A Fear

I used 6 prompts, everyone. Yay! I have linked back to the prompts. :)

A Fear

   There is a metaphorical border in this country. One I may not pass. Anyone who does... well, they disappear. Gone.
   Certain people... based off of their looks, their beliefs, and their heritage... the deviate from our society's 'norm'. They have 'crossed the border'. They are put to death.
   I found out today that my siblings and I have 'crossed the border'. How?
   We refused to sign a paper. We refused it- how could we renounce our family? War is terrible thing, that brings out the worst in people. The worst in this land is to renounce your faerie family.
    I am the oldest- My name is Adrie. My sisters, Gertrude and Elsa, are much younger. Our parents were put to death for having faerie blood. For three years, we have been forced to publicly renounce our heritage. Many people have just decided that we are 'unclean'.
  Just this morning, an assassin, robed in black, tried to kill us. We miraculously escaped, unharmed.
  I have run with my sisters until we may run no longer. We fear that the people's hatred... fear... of faeries may kill us. It is an ugly fear
  We must be a solitary light. I hold it, though my arm grows weak.
  Remember, my friends- you know what I am. you know what we are. After every storm. there is a period of revival. We must end this war, my faerie kin. These dwarves understand us not. Do not forget your kin for a moment! We are all in this together. Freedom shall come.
 A fear drove the dwarves to persecute us. I fear that fear will keep us from fighting back. A fear... a single, lonely thing... causes devastation if not dealt with. Be careful. Keep watch. Remember your kin.

This was published in a small faerie newspaper. The dwarves ordered it to be burned, but somehow, it lit a spark that could not be extinguished. A spark of rebellion.


Ok. I need to calm down.

I have a doll post in the works. :)


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10000+ Pageviews!

Oh my goodness.

I logged onto Blogger this morning with no clue that I would see...
10005 pageviews.
I know a lot of bloggers have already passed this milestone in a lesser amount of time than it took me, but at this point, I'm just happy. Thank you, everyone. Thank you to my 9 amazing followers, my other people who follow via email..... 
Thanks so much! 
I know that there are probably a million other bloggers, writers, photographers and doll collectors out there that are a million times better than me. That's why it amazes me so much that people have viewed my blog over 10000 times. Thank you's go especially to my family and friends, American Girl, my photography teacher, and to the bloggers who first inspired me- 
as well as to the bloggers who have inspired me since I began-

I know that there are probably a bunch of people I'm skipping over, but I'll probably do this again for my 2 year blogiversary. (Now that deserves its own row of exclamation points)

Thanks again. :)


Edit: I mistakenly typed 1000 instead of 10000. Oops.

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The noble Narnians are clever with their keyboards, plotting to write stories that outdo the cruel.. (who are we up against, secretary?) Ah yes. Half-keep-gons. No? Oh whatever. I used all  the prompts from all the challenges so far. Loren let me post this a day late since I was sick this week. -_-


   The girl lay against the cold pavement. She had fainted just moments before. She opened her eyes. She thought she was surrounded by glass, at first. When she was entirely awake, she realized.. these were knives.
   She gasped. She sat up quickly but carefully. All her training had led her to this moment. She looked around. The silver knives reminded her of Fafnyr's talons. She longed for the days when she could read to him again.
   It was Fafnyr who had first taught her the realm of mirrors. It was Fafnyr who trained her to negotiate with Ferrymen. It was Fafnyr....whom she'd betrayed.
  She had been sitting in the room of Negotiations, which was furnished much like a classroom. She had seen a box.She... she opened it. All of Fafnyr's memories... were inside it. They made a whirlwind around her. He had left her a message, saying that he knew she'd find these memories. He said he'd known she'd never tell a soul.
  Either he was wrong or she had changed.
  The Ferrymen had interrogated her, and she had spilled his secrets. Fafnyr had been killed the next day. They say his last word was 'fawn'. His last word was her name.
   Fawn grabbed a knife. It was pure faerie. It was practically a sign saying 'here be faeries'. Fawn stood. The knife was cold to touch. She frowned. That was an omen. She was accepted.
  The faeries only accept a few people a year. They will take the people with the most turmoil, the most trouble.
 Fawn obviously fit that criteria.
  When she was a child, she had been abandoned by her parents. Left alone. She needed a hero. When Fafnyr offered her a place at his school... she knew she'd become a hero there.
  The faeries surrounded her, a bright blue hue reflecting off the pavement.
   "We accept you," one piped.
   "Call the name of the one thou hast betrayed," said a much older one.
   She screamed his name into the night, into the silence, as if he could hear, could sense the pain deep inside.

Three years later
   Once a traitor, twice a traitor.
   Fawn had betrayed the faeries.
   She had run off into the night, dashing, dashing, her lantern in hand. The cold bit her skin, causing her to wince. She couldn't take it. The fear was too much.
   She had then concocted creatures made of iron- the only thing faeries are allergic to.
   Fawn called them 'Lovelies', as if she could be proud of them. If Fafnyr had known....
   She became despised among the faeries. She had hunted them so relentlessly. The faerie children were told to beware. 
   "She is beautiful, she is frighting, she is cunning. Worst of all... she is hunting us."

  Fawn knew how she had sinned. 
  She repented, but the faeries never knew.
  They just knew that the Lovelies disappeared one by one.


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I Found a Photo Editor!

So, I played around with a photo editor I found... that was actually already on my PC. Oops. Sorry, Megan....

Then I made...

More covers for Zoie's contest.




This is Mockingjay Meridian. I edited this photo so that it looks like she is 'using magic'. XD. Like Frozen...

Megan, I forgot until a few minutes ago. I ran outside. I tried to take pictures of the birds, but they were too far away. (and I am not feeling well, so I wasn't inclined to climb anything...) Then I remembered the bird's nest around here... but by then it was getting late. The birds were asleep. And it was bad lighting.
Then I grabbed the first doll I saw.
I set her down in the pose she was in...

SNAP went the camera shutter.

I also have no editing software at the moment, other than Microsoft Paint. :S
So I used Microsoft Paint. I did something simple. I tried. I'm sorry, team Kestrel. I tried, oh I did.


CWWC 3- Leave Me

Loren, I used all three from this challenge, one from the first challenge. 

Leave Me

  They say that hurt eventually heals; I used to think that wasn't true. Now, however, I know the truth. It does. Eventually.
  When I was a young child I used to call the woods the 'home of faeries'.
   I had called it that for years. My mother knew not why. I knew not why. We simply accepted it.
  When I turned 13, I walked there for what I thought would be the lest time. I was 'too old for make-believe'. How stupid I was.
  I walked along. I stopped. A thousand blue butterflies were suddenly circling me. It didn't take me long to realize- these were not butterflies; they were faeries.
 One of them landed on my nose. It jumped down onto the ground in front of me, and turned into a human boy. That is, a human boy... with wings.
 "Tildis, you are a Called One. You must come with us, become one of us," he said as the other fairies circled me. I nodded- Had I not been waiting for this my whole life? He led me deeper into the forest.But not in the way you'd think- I was sinking into the forest floor. With every step I took, I sank farther from our world. I panicked and jumped out. The boy looked at me.
  "You have rejected us," he whispered. I shook my head. He nodded. "Yes. We shouldn't have waited this long.... You have grown attached to this world. I'm sorry, Tildis. But the pain will go away, as you grow up. I see in your heart- this is the last time you will be with us."
   I choked back tears. He held up a mirror. "Jump," he said.
   I jumped, not thinking. I came out back in my bedroom. I screamed. There were shards of glass all over the floor. I had broken a faerie mirror. I heard a voice whisper- "My name is Peder..."
   I screamed his name into the night, like he would actually care, like he'd listen. He said no more. I banged my fist on the mirror frame. "Come back! Come back!"
  He said calmly- "I shall, Tildis. When all is forgiven."
   I said to the hurt, "Leave me! Leave me!"



It's C-3P0!

I had never purchased a POP!, so it was very exciting to choose. I really wanted the Jabba gift set- sadly, it was WAYYY overpriced. I also saw Harry Potter- But all of the Harry Potter characters' boxes were broken. :( There was a C-3P0 though, and I am a huge Threepio fan. XD. :)
(My family calls me C-3P0 when I start babbling. XD)
He looks so cute displayed next to my tiny collectible R2! :)


Chili-Nut and Honey-Nut M&Ms

I just tried both kinds of new M&Ms.
Chili-nut tastes like an M&M than gets SPICY as it goes down.
Honey-Nut tastes like coffee. Mmm. With creamer. Yum.

I encourage you to try them.

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CWBC Challenge 1

I'm in Anika's CWBC! I'm on team Winter. I used all three prompts, Anika.


  Giants exist. They're afraid of us humans, like we're scared of spiders. Well, not all of them. He never was...
  I was part of a program involving giant-fighting. Not that we ever did much fighting. Our village was  riddled with giants. They hated us. 
   "Filthy little ants," one said to another. Yet when we touched them, they disappeared.
  I tell you, it was not the best job in the world.
   I hadn't wanted to sign up; my sister made me.
     "Oliver," she said, "Your choice. Spend the rest of your worthless life being nobody... or you can become someone who matters."
       I chose to attempt to prove myself to her. As the younger sibling, I was always trying.
      That's why today I was running.
       There was one giant who didn't disappear. He seemed to like us, to find us interesting. He had once picked up a cart full of people and grinned at them. Not your typical giant.
      Well, today he chased me. I ran, hoping that he'd give up. He took quick, light steps, dashing after me. Over the hills, around houses... I ran. Suddenly, he picked me up. He picked me up. He stood up and walked home. His home was far from the village, but he took five long strides and we were there.
  I looked around. Trees, hills grass... and something very large.
    A giant castle.


More Covers?

I was asked by two other gals on AGH to make them covers! :)

Here you are, ladies:


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! (Plus Lydia's Cover)

Molly just came up to me and handed me a quarter. Go figure.

I'd just like to say, be super nice to your mom and let her do whatever she wants today. :)

~Anony... wait, what's that? -looks at title- Oh yeah. Lydia on AGH asked for a cover. Here  you are, Lydia!
original image via


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BIBPC: Movement

This was a hard photo to get.  This is a very active dog. Luckily, thanks to my super-fast shutter speed, I got it.


My Compass Point Cover Contest Entry

Over on the YWP forums, there's a contest to make a cover for a book that a girl named Zoie made. This is my entry:

original image via

I hope you like it Zoie!


CWWC 2: I Felt

Loren, I used all three prompts. I attempted to, at least. 


I Felt

    I sat in the classroom long after any of my students had left. I was only 25 years old, but  my hair was tinged with slight gray. I liked to say it was your fault, friend. How wrong I was.
   I was sitting in one of the children's chairs, gazing out the window. I was thinking of you.
     "Bea, no!" you shouted as I walked away from what we had worked so long for. I walked. You destroyed it. It was irresponsible of us. We didn't care. That was the day I began refusing to feel.
  My refusal to feel didn't get me very far. Even now, In the classroom, I cannot feel. A student is being bullied, I walk by coldly. I refuse even the slightest twinge. Feelings are what tore us apart, friend. 
   I finally got up and went home. I saw a little child begging in the streets, and for a moment... I almost thought I felt. I walked on though. I think nothing.
   Once home, I decided to go get something from the attic. As I walked through the boxes, I tripped over one. Bad Memories. Do Not  Open.
    I opened it. My hands... did they shake as I pulled out a picture of us as toddlers? My eyes... did they burn when I held the blueprint for our project? Did I run downstairs and grab the phone? I did. I was going to call you, but I couldn't. I didn't... don't.... feel that much yet. Because yes... I have now felt. 
  That is why I am writing you this letter, to apologize.  I am sorry, friend. Will you forgive me, 10 years later?  Our feelings tore us apart, but they can bind us back together. Please.
                                                                                                                      - Freya Petersons

    Freya's friend didn't write back. Freya refused to allow herself to grow cold again. She became an advocate for homeless children. That little girl from the streets became her daughter. A transfer teacher soon became her husband. Yet still, her friend didn't write back. Freya threw herself more and more into life. She had needed a hero, so she became one. She counseled people. She loved people. Yes, Freya felt. 
     Years later, when Freya was older than she'd care for me to admit, she got a letter.
         "Dear Freya," it read, "I am Zoe's granddaughter, writing this for you. Zoe... well, she died yesterday. Of cancer. Freya, I'd just like you to know, she wrote you thousands of letters. She was going to bring them herself... sadly, that didn't work out. I have enclosed a few of them. I'll send the rest to you later... or I may come see you. Zoe said you were a wonderful woman."
  Freya cried that day. Sometimes though, hurt reminds us that we are human. Hurt reminds us that we live.

I am so very curious as to where in my mind that came from.


Thursday, May 5, 2016


Yes folks, you heard it here, on AA's blog. WWCW has a new unique, crazy name! I'm your host, Peanuts the Elephant, and you're watching Bizney Channel.

What is wrong with me? XD
Anyways, Peanuts was right. The name:

Fanciful Fictions Writing Camp! FFWC!

:) Who likes it?

Me. I do.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

(Or Revenge of the 5th)

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I am posting photos of my Vi and Va doll.