Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Molly Doesn't Like April Fool's

Hi all! It's Molly! Today I'd like to tell you why I don't like April Fool's.

   I do not like April Fool's because I think it is foolish (ha ha) to make people feel stupid. That, and even if you are just trying to be funny, it often makes people feel bad. For instance, one year I was away on April Fool's, and I got a letter from Sophia saying my kitten had gotten leukemia. I spent all day crying... That night, as I read the letter again, I saw that down at the bottom it said "April Fool's!"

    Ok. That made me feel really bad. Number one, I hated the thought of my kitten suffering. Number two, I didn't see that it was April Fool's... until after I had spent all day crying. Yeah. It was awful.

Also, what if your prank went SERIOUSLY wrong? I had one that went wrong when I was seven. I was pretending to jump off the dock... (Because we were visiting the lake) and I didn't have my life jacket on! I actually fell into the deep water. I would've drowned if my second-cousin hadn't jumped in after me!

And that, my friends, is why I don't like April Fool's. It is dangerous! And SCARY!


Disclaimer from AnonymousA: Molly insisted on writing this. Harriett wanted to write "Why Harriett LOVES Playing Pranks on Molly", but I wouldn't let her because I personally share Molly's views on pranks. XD And also, that thing about the "almost drowning"? TOTALLY over exaggerated. If she hadn't been freaking out, she could have swum to shore. And the water wasn't THAT deep. 
-sighs- Molly.... what am I going to do with you?



  1. GraceThomasFan4/17/16, 5:41 PM

    I know how you feel Molly! One of my friends pulled a prank that said AG was closing but it was April fools.


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