Monday, April 18, 2016

The Queen- A Dream I Had Last Night

The Queen

Once, there was a single mother who lived with her two daughters;
one was two, the other five. The mother loved her children dearly, and could never imagine leaving them. 

However, one day a very British lady came to her. The mother was informed that the queen of England had died, and that seeing as all the heirs had told her that no, they most certainly did not want to be queen, she would have to be queen.

The mother told the two girls about it, and that they'd be staying at their aunt's while she went to see what it was all about. The eldest just patted her puppy and nodded. The youngest clapped; her aunt always gave her gifts.

Sadly, when the mother was crowned queen, she forgot about her children. When she remembered them, she'd think, They're much happier in America. And that would be that.
One day though,four years later, in a movie theater, she remembered how she adopted her eldest; how happy her husband was; an how they had loved the youngest. She broke down in tears, for that day was her eldest's birthday.

She renounced the crown and returned home. She went to their old home, and was surprised to see the eldest there, with a new dog. (The old one had died.) She ran to the daughter, but ended up hugging the dog instead, for the daughter had jumped away. The daughter stared at her with frightened eyes. 
"M--Mother?" she asked, a memory forming in her mind... "The 'American Queen'?"
"No dearest... you were right the first time. I am your mother."
They embraced and returned to the aunt's house together; the mother and two girls  got their house back, and eventually, people forgot about the 'American Queen'. Reporters stopped coming because of a large dog named Pauper who would jump out the window at them.



  1. You really had a dream like that!?!?

  2. What an odd duck you are...Did I once see you selling books at McDs?


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