Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poem of the Day- Days 4 and 5

I wrote Day 4's, but forgot to post it! Oops!

Day 4:


They come many at a time
So many ideas... so little time.
Often they come without reason or rhyme...
Ideas are like dreams,
they glimmer, they shine
They fester like wounds,
they burst like balloons...
So many ideas,
so little time

The Cat's Battle

The black cat,
the gray cat,
the dappled-brown cat,
they hiss at each other, then, smack!
All at once there is a great spat. 
The gray cat,
it really just wants to play.
The black cat, it wants the others to go away.
The dappled-brown cat?
It simply loves to fight.
The night goes on...
they fight for so long...
There are wallows, tumbles, hisses too,
You look at me, I look at you.
Dare we stop them?
No. We shan't.
It's to dangerous!
Those horrible cats, they simply would mangle us.
The teeth! The claws! The horrible yowls!
The hisses! The meows! Is that... a growl?
Oh my! My friend, we must away.
We'll see the cats when it becomes day.
Please friend, do not enter into the fray!
This is not our fight, that's what I say.
Well... If you must insist,
I take bets on the gray one. It hissed.
You chose the dappled-brown? Ha! Watch me laugh.
The gray cat will win. I am sure of that.
But it tumbles, it yowls, horrible growls,
Claws biting, teeth snatching,
or is it, perhaps, the other way 'round?
Either way, the excitement is catching.
Who will win?
Who will lose?
It's neither up to me 'nor you.
We simply must watch the cats...
(I believe I'll name the gray one Spats.)
The black cat, it seems victorious,
but really, guys, the sight before us,
are three cats, equally wounded and scarred. 
Three cats, who are equally marred. 
We cannot decide who the winner is.
We go to part. The festivity ends.
Goodnight my friends.
I must sleep now... (But, in my eyes, the gray one wins.)



  1. I love the first one! It's so true!:)

  2. Wow! I have said this many times and I will say it again, you should write poems and maybe publish them! Maybe you can make a big book of poems! Here is an awesome book publishing website!


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