Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 7


The girl, she's tired, she's exhausted from life.
She looks at you with pale blue eyes.
"Go," she says, simply as that.
She's lost it all... who could argue with that?
But someone steps up to challenge her.
"Will you give up so easily? Or have you forgotten what we were fighting for over there?"
Her head snaps up. There's new fire in her eyes.
Anger, defiance, a bit of surprise
all shine like fire, flickering, burning.
"Go now to fight," she said, "I won't wait 'till morning."
Our leader has returned, and though only 15,
she's not as old as she a moment ago seemed.
The warriors go onward, to win back their land.
They will win the land from this other child's hands.
Mount your steeds! Ride like wildfire!
Thank you to the one who challenged her.



  1. That's really awesome! It reminded me of the main character of a story I'm writing. You're a really good poet! I love writing poems too. I made one for my mom today. :)

    1. I'm glad it reminded you of your character!


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