Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 6

The Fearsome Creature of Crater Avenue

I know of a creature, 
a strange one, 'tis true-
I know of a story,
I'll now tell to you.
There is a fearsome creature, one with many names.
We shall call it Cratauriuos- that name is much the same
as the name of the avenue where he makes his home.
Crater Avenue,
what should I say of you?
You are named very aptly, it is true.
You are inside a crater,
a crater made by our
fearsome Cratauriuos.
He once was challenged by a tyrannosaurus,
and he wanted to be victorious, 
so he began to fight
with all his might,
until he looked around,
and saw the desolation he had done.
In jumping about on his foe,
his humongous spiky toe
pummeled the earth, make craters.
Here- there- everywhere!
'Lo! Lest we meet this fearsome creature!
The spikes, the teeth, the wings of chains!
Very large head, very little brains!
Never, my friends, anger this thing.
Only desolation will he bring.
Verily, the only thing to do,
is pretend this creature
is like me and you.
Stay away from Cratauriuos, and Crater Avenue!

(All this is true... because it rhymes (Lego Movie reference!))



  1. OOOH!!! This was SO good, AA! :D
    And, I must say, I LOVE that reference XD

    1. Thanks! The references... ah, life of a nerd...


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