Friday, April 15, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 15


Change is a thing I don't like all the time;
Change is a thing that's rehearsed all its lines;
It comes, and at first, you're either excited,
or you're definitely the opposite of delighted.
Change comes, it goes,
like a river, it flows;
Why must it come?
When will it be done?
Just as I've gotten used to the way it has been,
what I'm used to, literally, becomes a has-been.
I suppose, I must learn to enjoy it;
No matter what comes, my ship must stay buoyant.
I cannot allow my spirits to sink;
I must choose to like change,
and change must choose to like me.


P.S.: My CampNaNo Cabin is empty. :(


  1. What do you mean by your cabin is empty?

    1. I mean that I'm the only one in it.

    2. Ummm... *Scratches head* What is your cabin?

    3. Lainey, Suzy, and I have a Camp NaNo cabin! Would you like to join, AnonymousA?

    4. Are you guys doin it on YWP or on the, ya know, actual site?

    5. We're on the official Camp NaNoWriMo site...does YWP have one?


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