Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Cat as a Person

I decided to challenge myself to draw my cat as a person.

This is the photo I used as inspiration:

CK is adorable!

The finished artwork:

I was going for a more Kawaii look, with the round face and big eyes. I think I got pretty close, but I'd like to try again... I think I could do better. I chose to use brown, gray, and black for the hair because those are the primary colors of my cat. I gave him freckles and rumpled hair to give him a childish, carefree look... 
He's looking off into space, because usually my cat is not looking right at me... more like next to me! I chose a red shirt because it struck me as something my cat would wear. 

Have any of you ever tried to draw your pet(s) as a person?


  1. Hmm.... No. I haven't tried drawing MY pets as people, but I've tried drawing animal characters from movies into people! I've drawn Nemo from FINDING NEMO as a boy!

    1. Cool! I love drawing things as other things... (Did that make any sense?)

    2. Um..... I made some sense. :D

  2. That's such a cute drawing, Anonymous A!:D Ooh, now I want to draw my dog as a human!:)

    1. The Jedi Master has approved! :) I'd love to see that.


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