Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mattel, You Did it Again!

Mattel, you have stolen my cash. I cannot believe that you are forcing me to buy this by making it so unbelievably exciting for those of us who watch the webisodes.

What am I talking about?

Just oh. I love Rosabella, and since I have Dexter... I'll need Daring. And 'Epic Winter'? -dies-

I am not crazy about the molded on tights. Seriously, Mattel? Would it be so hard to make tights? And Daring looks... girly. Like they took Dexter and died his hair blonde. -sighs- 

The packaging looks like Frozen. -Pictures Elsa's daughter joining the EAH doll crew-

I Googled EAH Epic Winter.



-hands Mattel my money-



  1. Those look so awesome! I haven't bought an ever after high doll in a while..I'm really wanting to get melody piper first though, since I've been waiting for her doll when I first saw the webisodes a few years ago.

  2. OH MY GOSH! Daughter of the Snow Queen? *squeaks* GAH!!! Oh, no. Like I need more EAH dolls!:/ LOL!

    1. Yeah, same. It's not like I have, -starts counting-

  3. O_O I might be buying that set.... I love Rosabella Beauty...

  4. Daring does look girly, yeah.
    But this is the prototype... THE LATER VERSION HAS MOLDED-ON HAIR ON DARING!!! D':
    Mattel... *sighs*


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