Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day- A Photo Shoot

Jenna-Grace and I are here to say happy Earth Day to you!

She posed like this on her own.


P.S. Photostories will return IN MAY! :)


  1. Hey AA! I am having a Beta a Readers sign up over at my blog, but it's been two days and no one has signed up yet. So I was just wondering if you or anyone else you know wants to do it?🙁😕😐😥

  2. Jenna-Grace is so pretty! I love her in that outfit!!:)

  3. Your photography just keeps getting better and better! That photo where she is holding the flower is so beautiful - and the one with the sunshine behind her is just breathtaking! Jenna-Grace is such a gorgeous doll. :D


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