Thursday, April 28, 2016



When a heart breaks, part of our world breaks with it. It's as if the world shares our sorrow, and cannot contain the pain. One day a girl- a family- a village's heart broke. This is their story.
     Gaven was your ordinary, run-of-the-mill eight year old. He liked playing, he liked running, but strangely- he loved helping. He would walk around the village and help. Of course, everyone loved this about him. What other little boy loves helping so much?
    As he grew, so did his love of helping. By the time he was twelve, he had helped to many people to count. That was why Beryl fell in love with him. She loved the way he helped, the way he smiled, the way he was polite even when others weren't.
   As soon as they were wed, Gaven grew deathly sick. Beryl tried everything, but nothing worked. The whole village watched as Gaven grew small and pale. One day, he passed away in his sleep, a small smile on his lips. Beryl's heart broke.  The village grew angry toward Beryl, who was soon to give birth to a child. The custom in that village was to have all widows re-married as soon as possible to avoid problems. Beryl resisted. 
  "Would you have me forget Gaven so easily?" she asked.
  Her heart split in two when the village forced her ans her son out. It broke again when her son died at only two months old. Her crack in the earth split deeper, wider, as Beryl's anguish grew worse. She was dying, starving, and there was no one left for her. Each day was another heartbreak. Each day was another earthquake.
   Finally, the village repented. They found her, laying on a rock. She was gasping her last breath.
      "Don't forget-" she began, but her words were cut off. She took one last breath, then died.
   The village assumed that she had meant 'don't forget what you've done'. Truly, she had been going to tell them not to forget their dead so soon. 
    Everyone in the village's heart broke that day, the next day, and every day after until it was forgotten. The crack in the earth grew bigger, bigger, until it was called a canyon. 
    Nobody remembers this tale anymore, so I tell it to you. This is truly how the Grand Canyon came to be. 


P.S. I'm so sad now...


  1. I, too, am sad now; but, that's a good story. AnonymousK

  2. Wow. That is really an amazing story. *sniffles*
    -Rutvi @


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