Friday, April 1, 2016

A Poem A Day- Day 1


A haiku

Writing, correcting.
Photographing, publishing.
Reading, responding.



  1. Your Blog
    Reading, liking,
    checking, loving,
    commenting, sharing,
    what I do on your blog

    1. Your Comments

      Your comments, they mean so much to me...
      I wish I could show you
      I wish I could write you
      a poem of gratitude that would truly show
      how much I love your response.

  2. Your Replies

    Your replies, are very wise,
    and so very much pretty.
    You take your time, and never whine,
    'bout checking every hour,
    for children who, without ado,
    read your blog, with great applause,
    and say, "I wish I would, write replies as she could!"
    (She meaning you, AnonymousA!)


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