Thursday, April 28, 2016



When a heart breaks, part of our world breaks with it. It's as if the world shares our sorrow, and cannot contain the pain. One day a girl- a family- a village's heart broke. This is their story.
     Gaven was your ordinary, run-of-the-mill eight year old. He liked playing, he liked running, but strangely- he loved helping. He would walk around the village and help. Of course, everyone loved this about him. What other little boy loves helping so much?
    As he grew, so did his love of helping. By the time he was twelve, he had helped to many people to count. That was why Beryl fell in love with him. She loved the way he helped, the way he smiled, the way he was polite even when others weren't.
   As soon as they were wed, Gaven grew deathly sick. Beryl tried everything, but nothing worked. The whole village watched as Gaven grew small and pale. One day, he passed away in his sleep, a small smile on his lips. Beryl's heart broke.  The village grew angry toward Beryl, who was soon to give birth to a child. The custom in that village was to have all widows re-married as soon as possible to avoid problems. Beryl resisted. 
  "Would you have me forget Gaven so easily?" she asked.
  Her heart split in two when the village forced her ans her son out. It broke again when her son died at only two months old. Her crack in the earth split deeper, wider, as Beryl's anguish grew worse. She was dying, starving, and there was no one left for her. Each day was another heartbreak. Each day was another earthquake.
   Finally, the village repented. They found her, laying on a rock. She was gasping her last breath.
      "Don't forget-" she began, but her words were cut off. She took one last breath, then died.
   The village assumed that she had meant 'don't forget what you've done'. Truly, she had been going to tell them not to forget their dead so soon. 
    Everyone in the village's heart broke that day, the next day, and every day after until it was forgotten. The crack in the earth grew bigger, bigger, until it was called a canyon. 
    Nobody remembers this tale anymore, so I tell it to you. This is truly how the Grand Canyon came to be. 


P.S. I'm so sad now...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

GIF of the Week


-falls over laughing-

This makes me think of Foggy.


Poem a Day- Day 27


Don't walk- strut.
Nobody'd ever know it, but you're a nut.
Crow jubilantly-
say good morning to me.
When you talk, you're expressive.
When you fly, you're impressive.
Never leave me,
never part you see,
I'll miss you, Foggy.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poem a Day- 25 and 26


When sadness strikes, the culprit is known.
The culprit whom seeks to steal the throne
 from happiness- it hurts me, my thoughts, my skin, my bone.
Hurt to the core,
Pain all the more.
Someday, happiness will return to me,
someday- You'll see.


Unworthy, sadly.
hurting, head hanging,crying.
Mess up again, ugh.

(Haiku... again...)


BIBPC 2: 3

Who else forgot?

XD. Sorry, Megan. :/
My computer won't let me view your blog, BTW...

I don't remember how I got this either...


Monday, April 25, 2016


Hey guys... remember my BIBPC 2 Challenge 2 picture?

Well, that was a picture of my chicken Foggy. He died yesterday. He had a good long run, guys. He was old. May he rest in peace.

I declare today a national day of mourning.

This is hard, because it feels like we've.... accepted it if I'm typing this. It feels more real to write it. Like it's not just a dream. But it isn't a dream, and he's happier now than he ever was here on earth. He was a great chicken. 


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Poem a Day- Days 22 and 23

Day 22:


waiting until last minute;
freaking out- Oh no!



The person who's saved is a happy one;
The person who is saved knows the Son.
Personal relationship now is theirs.
Haters will hate- but really, who cares?
Lord above, thank you.
We will try to give thanks in all that we do.


Tree Bokeh- A Barbie Photoshoot

This one is bad, but I like it.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day- A Photo Shoot

Jenna-Grace and I are here to say happy Earth Day to you!

She posed like this on her own.


P.S. Photostories will return IN MAY! :)

WWCW New Name?

WWCW is getting a new name.


Vote in the comments for which name you think is best:

"Camp of Words"

"Writer's Retreat Write-a-thon Camp"

or maybe

"Writing Whizzes Unite"

Or possibly

"Pen on Paper Writing Camp"

or finally:

"Five Minute Free Write Camp!"

You may also suggest your own ideas down below!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Poem a Day-Day 21


Burning, breathing, mad.
Angry, seething, deep breathing.
Crying, praying, calm.

Haiku, anyone?



Go Kestrels! 

This is my photo- the chicken is a critter, is not fuzzy, and is a bird. Yay!
I don't exactly remember how I got this photo.... I think I bent down and took a picture... XD


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 20


I'm going,
I'm leaving,
the border I am toeing;


P.S. Super short poem?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Poem a Day- Days 18 and 19

Last night my computer had some updates, so....

Day 18


Characters coming to life,
adding happiness and strife,
learning, watching,being,
writing, studying, procrastinating, seeing.
These are all things I do every night;
These are all things I do when I write.

Day 19

Woodland Princess

I will the woodland princess be,
my destiny for eternity;
My deemed profession, given by God.
I will care, I will cherish, I nod.
The things of the woods shall never perish
under my hand, I vow this now.
I am the woodland princess. I take my bow.


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Queen- A Dream I Had Last Night

The Queen

Once, there was a single mother who lived with her two daughters;
one was two, the other five. The mother loved her children dearly, and could never imagine leaving them. 

However, one day a very British lady came to her. The mother was informed that the queen of England had died, and that seeing as all the heirs had told her that no, they most certainly did not want to be queen, she would have to be queen.

The mother told the two girls about it, and that they'd be staying at their aunt's while she went to see what it was all about. The eldest just patted her puppy and nodded. The youngest clapped; her aunt always gave her gifts.

Sadly, when the mother was crowned queen, she forgot about her children. When she remembered them, she'd think, They're much happier in America. And that would be that.
One day though,four years later, in a movie theater, she remembered how she adopted her eldest; how happy her husband was; an how they had loved the youngest. She broke down in tears, for that day was her eldest's birthday.

She renounced the crown and returned home. She went to their old home, and was surprised to see the eldest there, with a new dog. (The old one had died.) She ran to the daughter, but ended up hugging the dog instead, for the daughter had jumped away. The daughter stared at her with frightened eyes. 
"M--Mother?" she asked, a memory forming in her mind... "The 'American Queen'?"
"No dearest... you were right the first time. I am your mother."
They embraced and returned to the aunt's house together; the mother and two girls  got their house back, and eventually, people forgot about the 'American Queen'. Reporters stopped coming because of a large dog named Pauper who would jump out the window at them.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 17

Fighting Song

I'm not brave and I'm not strong;
the days are short, the scary nights are long.
This is my fighting song,
you won't wait on me for long.

It's okay, it's alright,
if I don't quite get to sleep at night 
because I know that it's alright reassurance comes in the daylight.

Though the monsters try to catch me,
it's okay because I'm running free;

Though they know me by name,
to you I'm the same!

It's okay, it's alright
if I don't quiet 
get to sleep at night
'cuz this is my fighting song,
you won't have to wait on me for long.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 16


When given a dilemma,
I find a solution.
Often the solution is a resolution.
I resolve to fix,
to be,
to see,
the problems that plague me.
No matter what comes,
no matter what doesn't,
The resolutions help resolve;
they are a good solution.


BIBPC 2: 1

Megan, I got this photo by blowing a dandelion. It took several tries, but I am proud of the final result.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 15


Change is a thing I don't like all the time;
Change is a thing that's rehearsed all its lines;
It comes, and at first, you're either excited,
or you're definitely the opposite of delighted.
Change comes, it goes,
like a river, it flows;
Why must it come?
When will it be done?
Just as I've gotten used to the way it has been,
what I'm used to, literally, becomes a has-been.
I suppose, I must learn to enjoy it;
No matter what comes, my ship must stay buoyant.
I cannot allow my spirits to sink;
I must choose to like change,
and change must choose to like me.


P.S.: My CampNaNo Cabin is empty. :(

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 14


Light steps, paws running.
Tail twists, cats weave here and there.


Character Studies- April (Thanks to Studies in Character!)

 So, I know Loren does this, and I feel like I should do this more... (Looks at previous novels)

So, thanks to, because for once I'm actually doing this.


This character is from my current project.
Her name is currently Lyrica Akusuki. 


My relatives, music, the dark… and water. Other than that, I’m good.


Well, not really. In fact, I usually just give in to whatever people want me to do.


Honestly, I think if I had one, opera. I hate it. So showy.


I usually just go into my room and talk to my cat. Er, I did, until I realized she could talk, anyways.


Probably about my insistence on saving the world. Really though… i think it’s my destiny.


Giving up.


My hair would be blonde, to match my sister. Nobody believes we’re sisters because she’s a musical phenomenon, and I’m seemingly average.

Well… I’d not give in, not be scared. I’d do whatever it took to save this here universe.


Laborer. Underpaid laborer. And I hate it. I could also be the “unlikely hero”.


Cats. My cat is paying me to say that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 13


They say I'm awkward,
like it's some award.
But actually, awkwardness 
is a curse,
of some sort.

It is harder to do things,
harder to find things...
don't get me started on making things!

I wonder, though..
If I were not awkward from head to toe,
who would I be?
Certainly not me!
I have decided it's best to be
the wonderfullest

Yeah, Molly. I'm talking about you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 12

Magic and Miracles

They say that magic doesn't exist,
they say it isn't real.
They say that magic is a noun,
but no... It's a way to feel.
Magic is a descriptive word,
a word to replace the word stupendous.
Magic is the way you feel when God does something that surprises us.
Magic, it's a describer, you see.
Well, that's what it is to me.

That reminds me... Miracles.
Miracles, they appear to me as being
amazing things, things you can't believe you are seeing.
When I see one, I must say. "Miraculous!"
For really, God's miracles surround us.

Magic and Miracles...
thank you, God.
They make my life magically miraculous.

God's miracles, they surround us.


Mattel, You Did it Again!

Mattel, you have stolen my cash. I cannot believe that you are forcing me to buy this by making it so unbelievably exciting for those of us who watch the webisodes.

What am I talking about?

Just oh. I love Rosabella, and since I have Dexter... I'll need Daring. And 'Epic Winter'? -dies-

I am not crazy about the molded on tights. Seriously, Mattel? Would it be so hard to make tights? And Daring looks... girly. Like they took Dexter and died his hair blonde. -sighs- 

The packaging looks like Frozen. -Pictures Elsa's daughter joining the EAH doll crew-

I Googled EAH Epic Winter.



-hands Mattel my money-


Monday, April 11, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 11

They Way I Think

The way I think is different from
 the way you think,
at least, that's what I think.
Because honestly, I really don't know the way that you think. 
(I think.)
You probably think I'm crazy,
I probably think you're zany.
(We think)
I believe this ship- is about to think
(I mean sink)
I wash my hands at a sink.
(I think)


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 10

When You've Written  9 Poems, With 21 More to Go

You start to wonder why you're doing this,
at the moment, people are booing this,
Then you realize, with a smile,
this is your tenth! You've finished a mile!
20 more to go! The stretch is one third complete!
Though really, you are beat.
But, maybe by the end of the month,
I'll take a writing rest for once.
Who am I kidding?
Another project will find its way to me.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 9

Why I Write

I write for myself, a little, it's true.
But part of it actually, is that I write it... for you.
I think of encouragement, laughter, and things.
When people say they like it, my mind starts to sing.
All the hours typing,
all the hours writing,
are worth it. 
They're worth it,
to me.
And if they're failures, from them I can learn.
Although, I may still like them.
When my fingers burn,
and my eyes grow weary, there's still another page to turn.
Athletes, they look forward to the Olympics
but every single day is the Write-o-lympics.
For every word is a challenge,
every page is a game,
every smile is a gold medal,
every kind comment is fame.
That's why I write.
I do it for me...
But the truth is, when I write, I do it kind of... for you.
Part of my thinks if I didn't, I'd die.
Part of me thinks without it, I'd cry.
But the truth is, I wouldn't be me without it.
It's like a part of me, there's no doubt about it.
So when I can't get to sleep at night,
when I pick up the pen and write,
through it all, remember,
it's not exactly a sacrifice...
it's like eating, like sleeping.
Does that explanation suffice?
I write for me, I write for you.


My Cat as a Person

I decided to challenge myself to draw my cat as a person.

This is the photo I used as inspiration:

CK is adorable!

The finished artwork:

I was going for a more Kawaii look, with the round face and big eyes. I think I got pretty close, but I'd like to try again... I think I could do better. I chose to use brown, gray, and black for the hair because those are the primary colors of my cat. I gave him freckles and rumpled hair to give him a childish, carefree look... 
He's looking off into space, because usually my cat is not looking right at me... more like next to me! I chose a red shirt because it struck me as something my cat would wear. 

Have any of you ever tried to draw your pet(s) as a person?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 8 (Plus: Quote of the Day Challenge, Day 3)


When God invented days, he made a very useful thing.
Days are good, and all the good they bring.
I hope to see many more
Thousands more indeed.
Days, what have you in store for me?

Quote of the Day Challenge Day 3:

I nominate...
any 3 people who haven't done this yet, or would just like to do it!


I Drink Tea

Hello, everyone.
Today I drank some Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea while I read Starry River of the Sky, which is the second in a series by Grace Lin.
What I have learned about tea:

1. Without sweetener, it is bitter.
2. I like it cold (Not 3 days old)
3. It takes water a long time to boil
4. I like tea!

This was a very random post, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poem a Day- Day 7


The girl, she's tired, she's exhausted from life.
She looks at you with pale blue eyes.
"Go," she says, simply as that.
She's lost it all... who could argue with that?
But someone steps up to challenge her.
"Will you give up so easily? Or have you forgotten what we were fighting for over there?"
Her head snaps up. There's new fire in her eyes.
Anger, defiance, a bit of surprise
all shine like fire, flickering, burning.
"Go now to fight," she said, "I won't wait 'till morning."
Our leader has returned, and though only 15,
she's not as old as she a moment ago seemed.
The warriors go onward, to win back their land.
They will win the land from this other child's hands.
Mount your steeds! Ride like wildfire!
Thank you to the one who challenged her.


Quote of the Day- Day 2

I nominate:


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Quote of the Day Challenge- Day 1

Anika nominated me for this! Thanks SO much Anika!

Here is quote number one:

I nominate:


Poem a Day- Day 6

The Fearsome Creature of Crater Avenue

I know of a creature, 
a strange one, 'tis true-
I know of a story,
I'll now tell to you.
There is a fearsome creature, one with many names.
We shall call it Cratauriuos- that name is much the same
as the name of the avenue where he makes his home.
Crater Avenue,
what should I say of you?
You are named very aptly, it is true.
You are inside a crater,
a crater made by our
fearsome Cratauriuos.
He once was challenged by a tyrannosaurus,
and he wanted to be victorious, 
so he began to fight
with all his might,
until he looked around,
and saw the desolation he had done.
In jumping about on his foe,
his humongous spiky toe
pummeled the earth, make craters.
Here- there- everywhere!
'Lo! Lest we meet this fearsome creature!
The spikes, the teeth, the wings of chains!
Very large head, very little brains!
Never, my friends, anger this thing.
Only desolation will he bring.
Verily, the only thing to do,
is pretend this creature
is like me and you.
Stay away from Cratauriuos, and Crater Avenue!

(All this is true... because it rhymes (Lego Movie reference!))


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poem of the Day- Days 4 and 5

I wrote Day 4's, but forgot to post it! Oops!

Day 4:


They come many at a time
So many ideas... so little time.
Often they come without reason or rhyme...
Ideas are like dreams,
they glimmer, they shine
They fester like wounds,
they burst like balloons...
So many ideas,
so little time

The Cat's Battle

The black cat,
the gray cat,
the dappled-brown cat,
they hiss at each other, then, smack!
All at once there is a great spat. 
The gray cat,
it really just wants to play.
The black cat, it wants the others to go away.
The dappled-brown cat?
It simply loves to fight.
The night goes on...
they fight for so long...
There are wallows, tumbles, hisses too,
You look at me, I look at you.
Dare we stop them?
No. We shan't.
It's to dangerous!
Those horrible cats, they simply would mangle us.
The teeth! The claws! The horrible yowls!
The hisses! The meows! Is that... a growl?
Oh my! My friend, we must away.
We'll see the cats when it becomes day.
Please friend, do not enter into the fray!
This is not our fight, that's what I say.
Well... If you must insist,
I take bets on the gray one. It hissed.
You chose the dappled-brown? Ha! Watch me laugh.
The gray cat will win. I am sure of that.
But it tumbles, it yowls, horrible growls,
Claws biting, teeth snatching,
or is it, perhaps, the other way 'round?
Either way, the excitement is catching.
Who will win?
Who will lose?
It's neither up to me 'nor you.
We simply must watch the cats...
(I believe I'll name the gray one Spats.)
The black cat, it seems victorious,
but really, guys, the sight before us,
are three cats, equally wounded and scarred. 
Three cats, who are equally marred. 
We cannot decide who the winner is.
We go to part. The festivity ends.
Goodnight my friends.
I must sleep now... (But, in my eyes, the gray one wins.)


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Poem of the Day- Day 3


Days, when they retire, become quite a different sight-
Days, when they retire, take on the form of Night.
Night, this creature, this otherworldly thing,
They are so mysterious, one must wonder what they mean
by messing up our fun, turning excitement into exhaustion,
They honestly really cause me some frustration!
But thankfully,
I am a all-turnal creature.
I learned to be one- it's a rather useful feature. 
You stay up late, never tired,
you wake up early, never tired.
All times became wonderful the day I learned how
to enjoy Night and Day without furrowing my brow.
Although, I won't say no to a nap once in a while...


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ellowynne Wilde Poetry Contest

I saw on Doll Diaries that Wilde Imagination is having a poetry contest.
I was like this:



I was SO excited! (Exclamtion points!)

Are any of ya'll entering? If so, which Ellowynne doll would you pick?


Poem a Day- Day 2


 they say,
will be over tomorrow.
So tell me,
did tomorrow
decide to borrow
the name of today?


Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Molly Doesn't Like April Fool's

Hi all! It's Molly! Today I'd like to tell you why I don't like April Fool's.

   I do not like April Fool's because I think it is foolish (ha ha) to make people feel stupid. That, and even if you are just trying to be funny, it often makes people feel bad. For instance, one year I was away on April Fool's, and I got a letter from Sophia saying my kitten had gotten leukemia. I spent all day crying... That night, as I read the letter again, I saw that down at the bottom it said "April Fool's!"

    Ok. That made me feel really bad. Number one, I hated the thought of my kitten suffering. Number two, I didn't see that it was April Fool's... until after I had spent all day crying. Yeah. It was awful.

Also, what if your prank went SERIOUSLY wrong? I had one that went wrong when I was seven. I was pretending to jump off the dock... (Because we were visiting the lake) and I didn't have my life jacket on! I actually fell into the deep water. I would've drowned if my second-cousin hadn't jumped in after me!

And that, my friends, is why I don't like April Fool's. It is dangerous! And SCARY!


Disclaimer from AnonymousA: Molly insisted on writing this. Harriett wanted to write "Why Harriett LOVES Playing Pranks on Molly", but I wouldn't let her because I personally share Molly's views on pranks. XD And also, that thing about the "almost drowning"? TOTALLY over exaggerated. If she hadn't been freaking out, she could have swum to shore. And the water wasn't THAT deep. 
-sighs- Molly.... what am I going to do with you?


A Poem A Day- Day 1


A haiku

Writing, correcting.
Photographing, publishing.
Reading, responding.