Sunday, March 13, 2016

Writing Prompt #3- Happy Anniversary

Don't forget- put down in comments if this inspires you, makes you laugh, or makes you sigh. (Or cry, or chortle, or whatever.)



    I'll try to write something based on it sometime soon. :)


    1. LOL! I know- can't you just picture a bad guy saying it to his henchmen?

  2. SwanburneGirl3/13/16, 7:33 PM

    Kylo Ren talking to someone, to be honest

    1. Oh my goodness!!! Yes!!! Your comment literally made me laugh out loud.
      By the way, I love your name. :)

  3. "Let's celebrate!"
    "Today is the thirtieth anniversary of my trying to blow up the world."
    I looked up at my evil master's face.
    He was grinning evilly.
    I had been his slave for six years.
    Doing his will, or risking my life.
    Master E. Vill was a tall, ugly man. His long coat and shaggy beard made him look almost like the bad guy in a detective movie. But he was more cruel, more mean, more.... evil.
    "How could you hold me here against my will?" I screamed. "Helping you with your death ray. I don't want the world to perish!"
    "Just because my Mother and Father where evil.... doesn't mean that I am too!"
    I turned and fled the room.
    I had get out of there... some how.

    I hope you liked this! I can continue the story if you like. Just comment if you want me too!

    1. That was awesome! Sure, continue it! :D

  4. This prompt is great! I have the idea of a person that used to be super evil, but now is embarrassed of their evilness!;)

  5. LOL! This is funny, but really good! I'm going to save this ;)

  6. Here is another part of the story, I'll start right here...

    I turned and fled the room.
    I had to get out of there.... some how.

    I flopped down on my 'bed', which was actually just a burlap sack spread onto the floor and another sack rolled up as a pillow, and wept.
    The room that Master E. Vill kept me in had bars over the window that was never opened and a strong lock on the metal door.
    Master had once been a kind inventor.
    He had married my Father Sir's mother, Mistress, and when Mistress had died Master, who had spent every day and practically lived in his lab, had taken Father Sir to live with him in the lab.
    But Master was so grieved with the death of Mistress that he became evil and started to build a death ray with Father Sir, and turned him evil too.
    Eventualy Father Sir met my mother, Madam, and they got married.
    Although Mother Madam did not like the idea of building a death ray at first, she soon had become evil as well with Master's influence on her and was helping out with the death ray when I was hardly a year old.
    But it did not last long, for Mother Madam had been in a car crash and died when I was only three, and without Mother Madam, Father Sir died soon after.
    Master had given me to a lovely family to live with until I was six years old.
    And after that they didn't want me anymore.
    So I had no choice but to live with Master.
    He had tried for six long years to persuade me into helping with the death ray, for I was of the smart kind of children and was as smart as Master by the time I was nine years old.
    But I wouldn't be influenced by him.

    Hench walked into my room, "Are you going to eat?" He asked me.
    Hench was Master's henchman.
    Helping out in his evil ways, but was the kindest soul to me.
    Even though I was only Master's granddaughter, Hench treated me as he would Master.
    "Hello, Hench. I'm thinking of running away, would you allow it?" I said as though lost in my thoughts.
    "Don't know, Little One." He answered.
    "Oh, Hench! I can't stand it here anymore! Will you help me? I want to run away to find my family. I know I have one out there somewhere! Someone other than Master!"
    Hench hushed me and said, " I already have it all worked out. You will leave tomorrow morning with my sister, Maid. She will take you to New York, and will find a nice family for you. I do not mind being a henchman, but a twelve year old, and a girl for that matter, should not have to go through what I do."
    "Oh, Hench! How good you are!"
    "Little One, you should get some rest now." And Hench left my room.
    I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

    I hope you liked this! I will post more soon! (Or next week sometime)


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