Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Return- a Poem

Home is far
what was far is near.
now everything... everything I held most dear...
it slips away
like memories of old.
Alone am I, out in the cold. 
Do I return?
Perhaps I shall.
When I do...
I hope to see you
with arms open wide, welcoming me home.
There will be smiles
that will make the miles
worth it- to me, and to you.
Home again. 
Home again.
Home- it's with all of you.
The return is hard,
a hard journey to make.
But for my sake- I will do it.
It's not so far away.
Returning is always worth it. It's never a mistake.
The return will be dangerous, a dangerous trek.
It will be a hard decision to make.
Lost the crown, the war I begin...
But welcome, it's all I ask.
Family, it's all I ask.
Now... I shall complete my task.

I wrote that just now. It's not very good, but, well, I liked it. And it reminds me of ~Lost~.


  1. WOW! YOUR SO GOOD AT WRITING! You should look into to becoming a poem author!

  2. I agree with Anika. It's amazing! You're crazy if you think it's bad! (I didn't mean that to sound rude, please don't take it the wrong way) 😊I love this part: "Home. It's not so far away. Returning is always worth it. It's never a mistake."


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