Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016.

Hey all! It's Molly! For Easter, we went to this really cool church! It's in the poorer part of town, and it's called "Gym Church". Why? Because it's inside a gym! It's very new- this is its first Easter. When we walked in, the preacher asked us to remove our shoes.
 "This is holy ground," he said. I thought that was really cool. He proceeded to ask us to please step outside, through the back door.

The first thing we did was kneel to pray. He said that at this church, everyone knelt down to pray. He said a VERY long prayer.

When it was over, we had a yummy breakfast!
"I like the breakfast!" Sophia exclaimed.

I met a very interesting French girl. I told her I was considering learning French, and she said she applauded me. Well... at least I think that';s what she said.

Harriett enjoyed talking to the pianist. Turns out, she and the pianist are a lot alike!

Lucy soon fell asleep- sunrise services are tiring. JG held her in her lap while she talked softly to the Music Director about chords and stuff.

Isabelle looked at Harriett.
"Harriett? You ok?"
Harriett didn't answer.

"Harriett?" Naomi asked very worriedly.

"I'm ok," Harriett said. "It's just... my leg hurts again, that's all."
Mama gave her some Tylenol, and she started feeling better. Boy, are we glad!


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