Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review: The Ever After: Book 1 in the May Bird Trilogy

Title: The Ever After: Book 1 in the May Bird Trilogy
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Genre: Fantasy Fiction/Adventure
Favorite Quote: "Yes. We'll call the Undertaker. We must. You can show it to her."
Random Quote:  "I think it was in my other Robes!" page 138, line 15
Publisher: Aladdin 

The Ever After, which is the first book in the May Bird Trilogy, is a very good book. There are times when it is hard to follow, but other than that it is all good. Keep in mind, this book mentions ghosts and the mythological afterlife quite a bit, so if those things bother you, this book is not for you.

May Ellen Bird is a shy, strange, friendless child. Her only friend is a cat named Somber Kitty.
One day while in the swamp, she falls into a lake. She comes out in a world known as the Ever After, inhabited by ghosts, strange creatures, some zombies, the occasional vampire, the Bogey Man, teenagers, and the Evil Bo Cleevil. Bo Cleevil is pretty much the dictator of the Ever After. He is attempting to take over the world and make the entire universe be his. 

I enjoyed this book. It is sad, and at times strange. Just warning you: You will get hooked. You will love Pumpkin. I won't tell you who Pumpkin is, just that you will love him. He's the best. :)
I would definitely read this again. It is a very interesting book. I'd read the whole series thrice. :)

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  1. I think my sister bought this book at one point, but had totally missed the part that it was all about the after life and stuff, so she returned it!;) Great review!:)

    1. Yeah, the part about the afterlife is not for everyone- I just remembered that it was just a book. :P I also wasn't aware that it was about the afterlife until after I read it.:P
      Thanks! I love reviewing books...


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