Monday, March 14, 2016

Arrivals Season 2: Part 2

As the sun peeked out behind the clouds, Molly pointed. "This way!" she said enthusiastically.

"Ok,"  said Naomi, following close behind.
"This is the place!" said Molly a few moments later.

"Where?" said Naomi quizzically.


"There's ah, nothing there," Naomi said gently.

Then a small blonde head peeped out.

Then a brown one behind it.

On the other side came two more.

Then one from above.

"C'mon! They said they'd be here," insisted Molly.

That was when they all surrounded her. "Surprise!" they shouted.

"Hee hee! That was funny," laughed Naomi.

Then everyone sat down. 
"Ok, now we're gonna ask you questions so that you can answer," said Molly. "Lucy, you go first."

Lucy simply shook her head.

Instead, JG went first. 
"Hi, my name is Jenna-Grace, but you can call me JG. I play guitar. Do you play any instruments?"
"Yes, actually. I play piano," Naomi answered.

"My name is Sophia! I like to play Barbies. Do you have any dolls?" asked Sophia excitedly.
"I have one doll right now, but I hope to get more," Naomi said smiling.

"Hi, my name is Isabelle. I like to sew. Do you sew?"
"No, but I'd love to learn!" Naomi said quite brightly. She had never been given the opportunity to learn and it quite appealed to her.

"Yo! My name is Molly. I am a NERD! I like ANY fandom, except Doctor Who, but then, I've never actually SEEN Doctor Who, sooo... yeah. Are you an any fandoms?" Molly asked breathlessly.
"Yes, actually. I LOVE MLP," Naomi said, grinning at Molly.
"ME TOO!" Molly yelled.

"Hi, my name is Harriett, and I like to make my own fashion magazines. Are you into fashion?"
"Yes, actually. But not  like, SUPER into it. Just enough to know what's 'in', if you know what I mean."

"So, wow. I have a LOT of new sisters! And you ALL seem REALLY nice," Naomi grinned. "But, I ah, still haven't heard much about you, Lucy."

Lucy remained silent.

"C'mon, Lucy, talk to her," JG said forcefully.

Lucy sighed. Still looking away, Lucy said, "Hi, My name is Lucy. I like to knit and watch Shirley Temple. And here is MY question.... 
Why are you an orphan? What happened to your other family?"

While Harriett reproved Lucy, Naomi looked away.


I'm sorry. That was unkind. Apologies all 'round.


  1. Wow. Grace looks gorgeous in that outfit. You have really pretty dolls.

    1. Oh, thank you! I love all my girls... they are all special. And YOUR dolls are AMAZING.

  2. I SEE HOW IT IS, ANONYMOUS A OF HAPPYDAYSWITHANONYMOUSA!!! YOU'RE TRYING TO GET EVEN WITH ME!!XD Ugh, I'm dying to know what happens next! Great job!:)

    1. ... I ah, don't erm, know what you're talking about... ULP.

      I mean, ah...

      Yes. I am. ;P

  3. Another cliffhanger? *groans* JK LOL :P I can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. :) I think you'll like this photo story series, Madison!


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