Thursday, March 31, 2016

WWCW.... Rescheduled?

I noticed that the majority of you are going to be too busy for  my writing camp during April. Because I know that Loren's writing camp will be in May, and Camp NaNo is in July... I thought that June would be a suitable choice. Also, I have thought of making two changes.

1. The rule being, after you read the writing prompt or look at it, you start a timer for 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes, you write as much as you can. This is a lot like something I once did in school, and that was always fun and low-stress.
2. People on message boards like AGH being able to join by posting their story on their own thread on the MB.

Please tell me in the comments what YOUR thoughts are on postponing WWCW and the two other changes.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wonderful Words Creating Worlds

Wonderful Words Creating Worlds

What: a writing camp

Who: anyone with a blog. (If you have a private blog, I will need to be given permission to view it.)

When: Signup Time: Now- April 8th. Camp Time: April 15th-April 22nd.

How: I will post a writing prompt. You will have one day to write a short story/part of a 
story. I will judge it and assign points. The day after you post it, I will post the teams and points. At the end of the camp, I will post the winners and my favorite story overall. 


Day 1 (The 15th) I will post the teams and the first writing prompt. 
Day 2 (The 16th): You will post (on your blog) something you wrote based off of the writing prompt.
Day 3 (The 17th): I will count points and post points on my blog. I will also post the next writing prompt.

This will continue for the remainder of the days.

Day 11 (the 22nd): I will post the winning team/teams and my favorite story/stories overall.

I will award ten points if
a.     Everything is spelled correctly.
b.      Grammar is used well.
c.       The storyline is well done.

I will subtract 10 points if:
a.     There are misspelled words.
b.     Grammar is used poorly.
c.      The story line is poorly done.
d.     There is any crude humor, cussing, etc.

To sign up, please fill out this form:

Name/pen name/username:
Blog address:
Favorite book series:

Once you have filled out that form, please comment it below.

Thank you! Please sign up!


The Return- a Poem

Home is far
what was far is near.
now everything... everything I held most dear...
it slips away
like memories of old.
Alone am I, out in the cold. 
Do I return?
Perhaps I shall.
When I do...
I hope to see you
with arms open wide, welcoming me home.
There will be smiles
that will make the miles
worth it- to me, and to you.
Home again. 
Home again.
Home- it's with all of you.
The return is hard,
a hard journey to make.
But for my sake- I will do it.
It's not so far away.
Returning is always worth it. It's never a mistake.
The return will be dangerous, a dangerous trek.
It will be a hard decision to make.
Lost the crown, the war I begin...
But welcome, it's all I ask.
Family, it's all I ask.
Now... I shall complete my task.

I wrote that just now. It's not very good, but, well, I liked it. And it reminds me of ~Lost~.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Look Guys- I Found a Book!

Into the Wild (Warriors Series #1)
I have the old version, so my cover doesn't look like this.

Eep. I am re-reading the entire Warriors series so that I can buy the latest book.  I know. I'm strange.

Eeeeee. I'm even attempting fan art. (Graystripe rules.)

Any other Warriors fans out there?

Easter 2016.

Hey all! It's Molly! For Easter, we went to this really cool church! It's in the poorer part of town, and it's called "Gym Church". Why? Because it's inside a gym! It's very new- this is its first Easter. When we walked in, the preacher asked us to remove our shoes.
 "This is holy ground," he said. I thought that was really cool. He proceeded to ask us to please step outside, through the back door.

The first thing we did was kneel to pray. He said that at this church, everyone knelt down to pray. He said a VERY long prayer.

When it was over, we had a yummy breakfast!
"I like the breakfast!" Sophia exclaimed.

I met a very interesting French girl. I told her I was considering learning French, and she said she applauded me. Well... at least I think that';s what she said.

Harriett enjoyed talking to the pianist. Turns out, she and the pianist are a lot alike!

Lucy soon fell asleep- sunrise services are tiring. JG held her in her lap while she talked softly to the Music Director about chords and stuff.

Isabelle looked at Harriett.
"Harriett? You ok?"
Harriett didn't answer.

"Harriett?" Naomi asked very worriedly.

"I'm ok," Harriett said. "It's just... my leg hurts again, that's all."
Mama gave her some Tylenol, and she started feeling better. Boy, are we glad!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

LHoAG Giveaway!

Jaclynn is having a giveaway! She is giving away:

It ends soon, so enter today!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! Today is the day when we celebrate the fact that He arose!

P.S., Megan, I got the prize today! :) I love the necklace! And my dolls  are fighting over the signed poster. XP

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Arrivals Season 2: Part 3

Naomi C. looked down at her dress. "Well," she began tentatively, "My parents died when I was very young. My grandparents took me and my little sister in. We loved living with them. Grandma and Grandpa were like modern-day hippies. It was so cool,"

"But then one day... I woke up, and they were gone. Just a note on the table- "Gone to Switzerland. Noos will eesouy. Gniteem gone ot fo seippih. yam have.."

She looked away. "I have no clue what it means."

"If any of you could help me, I would be SO grateful."

She shut her eyes. "It means the world to me."


Friday, March 25, 2016

Addy from Addy's Art World Did Some Fan Art for Me!

Yay! Long titles.

Yep,  Addy  did some fan art that I requested! 

 I requested Darth Vader... 'cuz I think Darth Vader is awesome.

Then I requested Cerise Hood... she's awesome.


Guys, go check out Addy's blog. Addy is AWESOME and her drawings are AMAZING.
Addy, thanks for doing the fan art I requested!

Happy Good Friday!

Today is Good Friday.... what I like to call Bittersweet Friday. Bitter because our Lord gave himself up for us... to die a horrible, gruesome death. Sweet, because he now is risen and has paid the price for all of our sins. :)
Image result for Good Friday

Easter is coming! Who else is wishing for chocolate? 
Molly says wait 'til you see the Easter photo story...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Hi everyone! So, My life has been crazy-busy this week... But no worries! This weekend I'll be back in full force! (Easter's coming!) I'm going to be busy probably tomorrow, but on Monday I'm planning on purchasing a new doll... :P (Not AG.)
Can you guess what doll I'm getting?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meet.... Emily Patricia Succat

Yesterday I bought a Barbie Made to Move. I named her Emily Patricia Succat. Succat is said to have been St. Patrick's original name, so... :P

I made her a dress out of some gray material and took her out in the rain for a photoshoot...


St. Patrick's Day!


 If you aren't wearing green, Molly will promptly be going to pinch you.
There may/may not be a post later today or tomorrow... about... dolls...

By the way, has anyone read The Boy Who Lost Fairyland? It is REALLY good!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Arrivals Season 2: Part 2

As the sun peeked out behind the clouds, Molly pointed. "This way!" she said enthusiastically.

"Ok,"  said Naomi, following close behind.
"This is the place!" said Molly a few moments later.

"Where?" said Naomi quizzically.


"There's ah, nothing there," Naomi said gently.

Then a small blonde head peeped out.

Then a brown one behind it.

On the other side came two more.

Then one from above.

"C'mon! They said they'd be here," insisted Molly.

That was when they all surrounded her. "Surprise!" they shouted.

"Hee hee! That was funny," laughed Naomi.

Then everyone sat down. 
"Ok, now we're gonna ask you questions so that you can answer," said Molly. "Lucy, you go first."

Lucy simply shook her head.

Instead, JG went first. 
"Hi, my name is Jenna-Grace, but you can call me JG. I play guitar. Do you play any instruments?"
"Yes, actually. I play piano," Naomi answered.

"My name is Sophia! I like to play Barbies. Do you have any dolls?" asked Sophia excitedly.
"I have one doll right now, but I hope to get more," Naomi said smiling.

"Hi, my name is Isabelle. I like to sew. Do you sew?"
"No, but I'd love to learn!" Naomi said quite brightly. She had never been given the opportunity to learn and it quite appealed to her.

"Yo! My name is Molly. I am a NERD! I like ANY fandom, except Doctor Who, but then, I've never actually SEEN Doctor Who, sooo... yeah. Are you an any fandoms?" Molly asked breathlessly.
"Yes, actually. I LOVE MLP," Naomi said, grinning at Molly.
"ME TOO!" Molly yelled.

"Hi, my name is Harriett, and I like to make my own fashion magazines. Are you into fashion?"
"Yes, actually. But not  like, SUPER into it. Just enough to know what's 'in', if you know what I mean."

"So, wow. I have a LOT of new sisters! And you ALL seem REALLY nice," Naomi grinned. "But, I ah, still haven't heard much about you, Lucy."

Lucy remained silent.

"C'mon, Lucy, talk to her," JG said forcefully.

Lucy sighed. Still looking away, Lucy said, "Hi, My name is Lucy. I like to knit and watch Shirley Temple. And here is MY question.... 
Why are you an orphan? What happened to your other family?"

While Harriett reproved Lucy, Naomi looked away.


I'm sorry. That was unkind. Apologies all 'round.