Thursday, February 18, 2016

My WordCrafters Chapter!

Hello all. This is chapter 13! (Good thing thirteen is my lucky number...)  Ok, here we go...

Chapter 13 
      Alalia felt all over Jacob. He was ice cold. "Oh no..." she moaned. What had she done? Suddenly one of the little snow-girls piped up. 
     "Take her to Mary Poppins! She will know what to do!" 
     "Mary Poppins? But doesn't she live in... England?" asked Alalia warily. How was she supposed to trust this snow-girl? She had only been alive for a few minutes, after all. Before the snow-girl could answer, there was a swirl of green and blue. Alalia held on to Jacob. Then all went black.
    When Alalia awoke, she was no longer on a mountaintop, nor was she wearing a blue dress and green gloves. She was most definitely wearing a pink and yellow dress with her hair in braided pigtails. Jacob was lying on a large brass bed. Alalia touched the bed. Then she realized that there was another person standing beside her. This woman had a very strange umbrella.
    "I am Mary Poppins," said the woman. Alalia smiled. 
    "Can you help my friend?" Alalia asked.
    "Why yes, of course," said Mary Poppins, "He will have to take some medicine."
    "Oh, will it taste bad?" asked Alalia, remembering the strep medicine she had had to take once.
    "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, dear. And, while he does that," she said, pouring some medicine down his throat, "Let me measure you."
 Alalia let Mary Poppins measure her. "Oh my. 'Prone to flights of wild fantasy, friendless, and painfully shy' is what it reads, said Mary. "And also, it appears to me as though you and this boy do not belong in this world. You must soon make the choice between this world and your own."
   "Oh, but Mary Poppins, please don't make me leave! My father wants me to stop reading books-"
That was when Alalia realized that Mary Poppins was shushing her. 
   "I understand. But you must choose. You cannot simply have a foot in both worlds. There comes in every child's life, a time wherein they must choose whether or not they are going to live in this world or that; and quite frankly, I do believe that it is time for you to choose."
    Alalia's lip trembled. "I won't go," Alalia muttered. Mary Poppins looked thoughtful.
    "You know," she said, "Mr. Banks could change his mind; so can your father."
    Alalia pondered. He could; but will he? No, he won't- but he might!  Mary Poppins smiled. "I knew I could convince you."
But had she?


  1. That was great! I loved how you included Mary Poppins in the story. I've put it up on the WordCrafters page now!

    1. Thanks! I love Mary Poppins. :)
      Ok! I saw it. :)

  2. Great addition to the story! Mary Poppins is so good. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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