Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hello all. I have been pondering some things for the blog, and I was wondering what ya'll's thoughts were.
Number One: I was considering doing a writing camp, similar to CWWC. There would be two teams, with four people on each team. it would be held during April.
Number Two: I have been working on the idea for a photo story series called 'Just Jane'. It would be three seasons long and follow the life of Jane Pennyworth and her mother, Lady Cornelia Pennyworth. Molly would be Jane, Harriett would be Lady C.
Number Three: I was think about swapping over to Wordpress sometime this fall. It looks like I could do more of what I wanted to with a Wordpress blog.
Number Four: Book Reviews and What I'm Reading: Two things I've seen other bloggers do. I LOVE to read, so I thought maybe this would be a good idea.

Please comment your thoughts below!


  1. 1. That would be neat! I don't know if I would enter, but I'd tell people about it!
    2. That sounds cool! :D
    3. YESYESYES! XD I'd help you! :D If you wanted help, that is. :P
    4. I'd love to read both of those posts if you did them! :)

  2. I'd love to see book reviews!

  3. a writing camp would be cool! I didn't get to do the last one.

  4. CutePolarBear2/8/16, 11:55 AM

    Interesting ideas! For #1, I would enjoy it, even if I didn't enter. But I probably would like to enter(if it's a good time). As for moving the blog to Wordpress, I like Wordpress better than Blogger, but since your blog has always been Blogger, I kind of associate it with Blogger. See what I mean? ;) But I wouldn't mind if you switched.


  5. I would be interested in the photostory! :)
    Also, I do like Wordpress better than Blogger, but for me, I'd rather you'd stick with this blog and not make a new one. That's just my opinion as a reader, but if you really want to, that's totally fine. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Ok! It'd be easier for me to stick with Blogger, but Wordpress has more of the options I'd like... :s

    2. Actually, WordPress allows you to move a Blogger blog onto your WordPress blogs. :D

  6. I'm for every single thing! Especially switching to Wordpress since I only "follow" Wordpress blogs and I'm in my WP Reader constantly! So I'd always see your posts :D


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