Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Today is the day where you get extra time to be awesome! :) Happy Leap Day! And to think, I can't say that for another 4 years! 0.o


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sugar Plum Fairy

I took these photos a few weeks ago- I am not sure why I haven't posted them until now. :)


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Writing Prompt #1

This is the first ever writing prompt that I have posted! Comment down below if you want to see more like it or if you write something inspired by it!

Friday, February 26, 2016

I Attempt to Cook...

As any of my friends can tell you, I can't cook. For some reason, this morning, I attempted to make an Egg Bake in a Mug. This was supposed to be a 4-minute thing, with only 3 steps.
With me, it was 16 minutes and 10 steps...

Step 1: Convince mother that you won't burn the house down. This should take 1-2 minutes.
Step 2: Find cooking spray. 1-4 minutes
Step 3. Accidentally coat wrong mug. 1 minute.
Step 4. Drop egg. Spend 3 minutes crying because you can't cook.
Step 5. Clean up egg. Get other mug. Crack eggs, add milk. Stir. 1 minute.
Step 6. Cook! 1 minute.
Step 7. Add cheese and bacon bits. 1 minute.
Step 8. Burn tongue. 1 minute
Step 9. Make chocolate milk to sooth tongue. 30 seconds.
Step 10. Finally! Eat breakfast! 1 minute and thirty seconds!

Now, if you nave read that, I salute you. If you can cook, teach me, Jedi Master.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Megan is Having a Giveaway!


Megan is having a giveaway! :) Click the 'via' under the picture to enter. She is a very talented blogger and crafter, and anyone would be happy to receive that adorable little bluebird.
Signing off for now! Maybe tomorrow I'll do another post... :P

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Book Review: The Impossible Quest: Escape From Wolfhaven Castle

Today I will be doing a review on a book I  read recently...

Image result for Impossible Quest #1

Title: The Impossible Quest: Escape From Wolfhaven Castle
Author: Kate Forsyth
Genre: Fantasy Fiction/Adventure
Favorite Quote: "We needed a pebble to tell us that?"
Random Quote: "She was spinning gray wool into lumpy thread." page 150, line 20
Publisher: Kane Miller, a division of Scholastic
Where you can buy: HERE

The Impossible Quest series follows four children as they search for four magic beasts from a very old legend. It begins with Tom, the kitchen boy, walking in the woods. He meets a mysterious man who tells Tom to 'tell his lord to beware'. Tom cannot seem to be able to tell the lord. When Arwen, the witch, tells the king much the same, Tom thinks they are safe. Little does he know that Wolfhaven Castle is about to be attacked.

I enjoyed this book. I found it a little hard to get started, and quite honestly, it reminded me of several other books I had read. It was good though, once you got started. I was especially delighted because it *SPOILER* involves a unicorn. *END OF SPOILER* 
It is short, with only 185 pages. It makes for good light reading, unless you are scared of *SPOILER* monsters with tusks. *END OF SPOILER*.
All things considered, I would read it again. In fact,  I can't wait to read the next book! I definitely recommend.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My WordCrafters Chapter!

Hello all. This is chapter 13! (Good thing thirteen is my lucky number...)  Ok, here we go...

Chapter 13 
      Alalia felt all over Jacob. He was ice cold. "Oh no..." she moaned. What had she done? Suddenly one of the little snow-girls piped up. 
     "Take her to Mary Poppins! She will know what to do!" 
     "Mary Poppins? But doesn't she live in... England?" asked Alalia warily. How was she supposed to trust this snow-girl? She had only been alive for a few minutes, after all. Before the snow-girl could answer, there was a swirl of green and blue. Alalia held on to Jacob. Then all went black.
    When Alalia awoke, she was no longer on a mountaintop, nor was she wearing a blue dress and green gloves. She was most definitely wearing a pink and yellow dress with her hair in braided pigtails. Jacob was lying on a large brass bed. Alalia touched the bed. Then she realized that there was another person standing beside her. This woman had a very strange umbrella.
    "I am Mary Poppins," said the woman. Alalia smiled. 
    "Can you help my friend?" Alalia asked.
    "Why yes, of course," said Mary Poppins, "He will have to take some medicine."
    "Oh, will it taste bad?" asked Alalia, remembering the strep medicine she had had to take once.
    "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, dear. And, while he does that," she said, pouring some medicine down his throat, "Let me measure you."
 Alalia let Mary Poppins measure her. "Oh my. 'Prone to flights of wild fantasy, friendless, and painfully shy' is what it reads, said Mary. "And also, it appears to me as though you and this boy do not belong in this world. You must soon make the choice between this world and your own."
   "Oh, but Mary Poppins, please don't make me leave! My father wants me to stop reading books-"
That was when Alalia realized that Mary Poppins was shushing her. 
   "I understand. But you must choose. You cannot simply have a foot in both worlds. There comes in every child's life, a time wherein they must choose whether or not they are going to live in this world or that; and quite frankly, I do believe that it is time for you to choose."
    Alalia's lip trembled. "I won't go," Alalia muttered. Mary Poppins looked thoughtful.
    "You know," she said, "Mr. Banks could change his mind; so can your father."
    Alalia pondered. He could; but will he? No, he won't- but he might!  Mary Poppins smiled. "I knew I could convince you."
But had she?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Molly's Birthday 2016

Hello, readers! Today Molly had a birthday party, but I didn't get to take any photos at the actual party- although, if I had, you would have seen that Molly got two books, a doll, some Star Wars collectibles, unicorn figurines, and even a giant lollipop.

About three years ago, my beautiful Molly had her first birthday with me. Since then, she has been 11 three times. :) Enjoy yourself, Molly. You'll be 11 forever.

I'm turning it over to Molly now...

Hello! Today I turned 11! We listened to Plumb and had a dance-off, and Isabelle won the dance-off. I came in third and my cousin Kaya came in second.

We were going to have my party outside, but the weather didn't cooperate. It rained and poured. Luckily our town gym was open!


BIBPC Poster

Hey guys... Remember how I said I didn't make a poster? Well, I just did. Sorry that I didn't post it with the photo, but I didn't feel inspired until today... :p

Here it is, Megan! (I got your name right!)

Thanks for reading!

Are you sad that BIBPC is over?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

BIBPC #7 (Plus: Happy Valentine's Day!)

This time the category was 'plants'. And I didn't make a poster. :( Sorry, Megan. 

What's that? The title says 'Valentine's Day'? -gasp- Is that... TODAY? It is! -hands dark chocolate- 
Tomorrow is Molly's birthday! :) She says she wants a unicorn. :p
Happy Valentine's Day, and may you enjoy your chocolate.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BIBPC #5 and #6

I missed #5, so I'm posting it along with #6. :)
The categories were Close-Ups and Light or Water. :)

This is #6

This is #5

By the way, thank you all for responding to my 'Considerations' post! :) I am going to keep thinking about the Wordpress vs Blogger dilemma and begin working on 'Just Jane'. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hello all. I have been pondering some things for the blog, and I was wondering what ya'll's thoughts were.
Number One: I was considering doing a writing camp, similar to CWWC. There would be two teams, with four people on each team. it would be held during April.
Number Two: I have been working on the idea for a photo story series called 'Just Jane'. It would be three seasons long and follow the life of Jane Pennyworth and her mother, Lady Cornelia Pennyworth. Molly would be Jane, Harriett would be Lady C.
Number Three: I was think about swapping over to Wordpress sometime this fall. It looks like I could do more of what I wanted to with a Wordpress blog.
Number Four: Book Reviews and What I'm Reading: Two things I've seen other bloggers do. I LOVE to read, so I thought maybe this would be a good idea.

Please comment your thoughts below!


I forgot about BIBPC. I just, I don't know. I haven't even looked at my computer! I'm SO sorry. I promise I will do the next category.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lucy Had a Birthday!

She had a joint birthday party with her cousin Elsa. :) We almost didn't make it because Molly kept trying to figure out what it was she had forgotten.

"Hello! It's my BIRTHDAY!" shouted Elsa, her hair falling over her eye.

"And mine..." said shy Lucy.

"Why ever did we let Cousin Jewel do the artwork?" Lucy wondered. "I do NOT look like that."

"HEY ALL! IT'S DJ B," said DJ B. She turned on some Gabrielle Aplin. All the girls danced and danced.
When it was time to go home, Molly looked sad. 

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I LEFT MY GIFTS AT HOME!" she cried.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cindy's Sentiments- Blythe

Hi. This is Cindy. :)

Today as I sat on an old AG box, Poppy and Chris came up to me.

"Hi guys!" I said cheerfully.

"Hi. We have something to tell you..." said Poppy.

"This is Blythe. She's going to be staying with AnonymousA for a while. We thought you'd like to meet her," said Chris.

I looked down. There was a little girl who looked exactly like Poppy holding on to his pant leg. 
"Hi," she said shyly.
"Hi," I answered. But I got the feeling that Poppy and Chris weren't telling me something.