Friday, January 29, 2016

Molly's Day Trip

'Ello! 'Tis I, Molly Grace! Happy Day! Today, I took a day trip!

First I met this HUGE bear! Like, ginormous! Luckily, he was very kind and let me sit on his head.

I am very glad he was an old bear.

I also got to pump water from this blue pump. boy, was it hard!

I also rode on this... metal... piece.. of machinery. 

Or, THE KRAKEN! as I like to call it.

Then I was thirsty. Ya know, yelling can do that to ya. Luckily, they had a Coke machine.

Sadly, they were out of Coke. Unwilling to drink Diet Coke, I went and drank from that blue pump. Hey, it was better than nothing!

Then I talked with these two identical sisters. Apparently, their sister Amelie was doing her hair. 

I took this picture of Amelie when she got out of the restroom. For a doll without a face, that girl is vain!

Then, I met another bear! Luckily, this girl was nice. Her name was Honeysuckle. She was a very good cook. I enjoyed the chocolate muffin she gave me.

AH! YET ANOTHER BEAR! Luckily, he was nice too, and he introduced me to all of his cousins. 
After that I went to the gift shop and bought a doll for my sister, Lucie. Her birthday is tomorrow, you know.

So that was my day! How many bears have you ever met?

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