Wednesday, January 20, 2016

~Lost~ Episode 4

Auda's Point of View

The next morning, dressed in an outfit Peter had lent me, I walk outside. Jade and the others were waiting for me. They all look over me. Will seems to wink at me. 

Jade looks over at me. "Auda, we have a system of chores. We swap up some, and others are one person's responsibility. I decided that you and Peter would be 'buddies' in a way. For the first month, whatever Peter does, you do. Got it?" I nod, looking over at Peter, Peter grins. 
"C'mon. We've got Blackcoat duty." I follow her, wondering what Blackcoat duty was.

We walk for some time until we come to a place marked by a brick. 

We are closer to the city now. I can see the gates.

We sit down next to each other. "What's a Blackcoat?" I ask. Before Peter can answer, we see a figure come through the gate. Peter shoves me behind a bush.

The figure approaches. This person is indeed, wearing a black coat and carrying a pink  sparkly briefcase, The person, who I assume must be the 'Blackcoat' takes everything out of the briefcase. 

Then the Blackcoat runs away so fast it is a blur.

Peter laughs. "That was a new one. Misty must've scared the last one off with her sneeze."  Peter looks at the first item approvingly. "A patchwork jacket. Hmm, maybe Will will add some hidden pockets..." she mumbles to herself.

The next item seems to offend her. "A sleeping mask? What do they think a ghost is gonna do with a sleeping mask?" she asks, waving it in my face. 
"A.. ghost?" I ask, thinking of the ghost stories I had heard. I'd never paid much attention to them. Ghosts didn't exist... right?
"Yeah, it was Will's idea. She said that if we kept encouraging the ghost superstition, we would likely be given things. She was right. To keep the 'ghosts' at bay, the queen hired officials to leave things such as clothes and food. That's one thing I actually like about the queen." Peter says, picking up the next item.

"Now this is quality workmanship right here!" she says, thrusting it towards me.

It is a very nice jacket. "Nice." I commented.
"Is that it?" Peter sighs. "They usually leave some chocolate. I really like the truffles."

"I'm sorry." I say simply. I didn't know what else to say.

"It's not your fault. But we should go- Will's probably got the breakfast made already." Peter says, turning to go.

I close my eyes. Then I gasp.

"What is it?" Peter asks, looking at me.
"Nothing." I say. 
But that is a lie.
A wonderful idea has just come to me. I'm just not ready to share it yet.



  1. Super cool! The ghost idea is really neat. Can't wait to see what happens next!



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